My Husband Is Not Gay


..Second Lady Fumes

By Gifty Arthur

Wife of Vice-President, Matilda Amissah-Arthur, has stated on record that her hubby, Kwesi Bekoe Amissah-Arthur, has never been gay and would never be one, contrary to speculations in the media by some unscrupulous individuals.

The second lady, who in the past years, has shunned every controversy, especially in the media, said the campaign against her husband, a former Governor of the Bank of Ghana (BoG), was just a calculated attempt to smear him with what has never been part of him.

“I really don’t know why it should come up again. You ask somebody are you gay, the person says I am not gay, then you ask somebody, but somebody says you are gay, the person says am not gay, I have a wife and children ask them, ask everybody and it is still there, what else do you do? There is nothing else you can do.

And you see the whole point is that if you come into politics, people want to smear you with all kinds of things. But truth be told, those who know him, know that he is not gay”, she said.

Mrs. Amissah-Arthur, was reacting to a question from some listeners of Joy FM’s family-oriented programme, “Home Affair” last Saturday, when the station moved to the Cantonments home of the second family to have a discussion with her ahead of this year’s International Women’s Day, which was celebrated, yesterday Sunday, March 8,

Speaking on the matter for the first time few years after the issue became very topical in the media when the then Governor, was being vetted for the prestigious post of Vice-President, Mrs. Amissah-Arthur, said she could not say anything to convince anybody, except to say that she knows that her husband of 36 years and the father of her
two children, was not gay.

“I am the wife, we have two children, I have been married for 36 years, and you think if he was gay, I will be living with him or you think if he was gay, I wouldn’t know? No, no, no my husband is not gay, he has never been gay, we are happily married period”, she fumed.

Few years ago, Mr. Amissah-Arthur’s name was thrown around as someone who dabbles in the act of homosexuality which is considered in Ghana, as a taboo. It drew some questions from the Appointment Committee of Parliament during his vetting to his current position after the demise of the then President, John Evans Atta Mills and elevation of his vice, John Dramani Mahama to the position of president, when the position of vice became vacant.

On the current power crises, the second lady, enumerated the number of interventions the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government, has put in place to get the country out of the current situation.

She said that the power crisis the country was experiencing would not be solved if it is always associated with politics.

She revealed, that her family also experiences the erratic power outages, and therefore shares in the public’s frustrations, describing the outages as “not pleasant”.

She admitted that “as a country grows, things should be built to take into consideration the numbers that are growing” adding that “as a country that is where we have failed”.

Mrs Amisah Arthur, was of the opinion that this is not the worst power crisis the country has endured, pointing out that during the Kufuor regime, the country faced a similar crisis.

“Unfortunately, at a point in time, something gets worse and whoever is in charge is blamed”, she said, responding to criticism leveled against the current government about the worsening power crisis.

Mrs Amissah Arthur, agreed that though progress is slow, she believes that something is being done about the situation and that Government will soon “bridge the gap”, while permanent measures are put in place to resolve the problem once and for all.

Asked how the Amissah-Arthur family was fairing after it was lifted to the position of second family, especially so, when it was not known in the mainstream Ghanaian politics, Mrs. Amissah-Arthur, disclosed that they have always been NDC, adding that the PNDC was formed in their “bedroom”.

According to her, they do not see themselves as strangers in the NDC, because they were already NDC long before they became the second family, and so they do not need to be accepted by anyone in the party as new members.

On occasional accusation that her husband does very little to help the John Mahama-led administration, she rejected the position, explaining that the vice-president’s job is such that he needs to be told what to do by the president, since no job specification is designed for him in the Constitution.

Nonetheless, she said her husband, has performed well per her estimation as every tasked given to him by the president, has been executed well.

Asked if she will want her husband to partner President Mahama to go for a second term in 2016, Mrs. Amissah-Arthur affectionately called Mama Tilly, said everything
would be left in the hands of God, adding if he says he should, he will do so.

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