Must We Always Erect Billboards Anytime There Is A Visiting Dignitary?

The practice where we erect billboards and sometimes fly fliers anytime a foreign dignitary is visiting the country is an archaic one and must be done away with.

We live in an era of information highway, where the internet is the most effective way of transmitting information. We can bring to the notice and attention of both the dignitary and Ghanaians about the presence, programmes, where they are expected to visit, who they will be meeting etc, instead of wasting tax payers money to mount a billboard, welcoming the person to Ghana.

The media, has assumed the watchdog role and is championing vigorously the fight against galamsey, corporate organistaions, civil society organizations and the government, who are in the habit of sponsoring the billboards, must support the fight against galamsey, by helping to mount as many billboards as possible across the country, especially places where galamsey is rampant.

The billboards, would serve as warning to unscrupulous individuals, who are still bent on undertaking the venture.

It will also be used to bring to the attention of the people about the devastation galamsey is causing to the environment and the dangers and threats it poses to our survival as a people.

Such billboards are not time bound, like the ones we mount when a foreign dignitary is coming to Ghana, even for a day’s visit.

We must find better use for our money, instead of the craze to want to impress everyone at the expense of the ordinary Ghanaian.

The practice is not regime specific; it started during the era of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, our first president, but time and technology has rendered it ineffective.

We must find innovative ways of letting the foreign dignitaries know that, we appreciate their visit, this we can do by avoiding unnecessary billboards.

Won’t it serve a greater purpose, when we plant as many billboards as possible at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA), telling those coming into the country about our stance against galamsey.


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