Muslim Group Commends Hajj Board over Gomda’s Removal


By Muhammed Faisel Mustapha

The Ghana Hajj Watch, has commended the Chairman of Ghana Hajj Board, Sheikh Alhaji Ibrahim Cudjoe Quaye and the Hajj Board for the bold decision to relieve Alhaji Abdul Rahman Gomda, the immediate past Director of Communications and Alhaji Malik Gariba, from their duties at the Pilgrims Affairs Office of Ghana [PAOG].

In a press statement issued in Accra and signed by the  Group’s Chairman, Alhaji Musa Shekayi,  as sighted by this reporter revealed that the removal of the two Director of Communications from the Hajj Board  was as a result of  the group’s initial press statement and other Muslim organizations.

This according to the group came at the appropriate time before the commencement of the Hajj season, for peace to prevail.

“It would be recalled that our key concern was the negative radio and social media campaigns against the Board and the chairman. Indeed, our fears were confirmed with the appearance of a recorded audio by a journalist which revealed the orchestrated plan” the statement noted.

The action to relieve the two of their duties according to the press release, will pave the way for the restoration of unity adding that planting of malicious stories in the media, abandoning pilgrims during hajj for juicy sponsorships and engaging in actions that tarnish the image of the Board will stop.

“The action could also serve as a notice to all other staff of the PAOG that they are trustees of the Muslim Ummah so long as Hajj to the Holy Land is concerned and that  they must therefore conduct themselves in a way conducive to the service entrusted unto them by the President” the statement added.

The statement further revealed that the action by Sheikh I. C. Quaye, has demonstrated his will power to ensure that any stumbling block that could impinge on a successful and acceptable Hajj this year and the years ahead is removed.

It would be recalled that the Association of Ghana Hajj Watch in its previous press statement called for reorganizing of the current structure and designations at the Pilgrims Affairs Office of Ghana before the commencement of the 2018 Hajj season.

The Association hinted that the problems the board encountered last year was as a result of bad coordination and respect for authority.

The Association pointed out the negative press reportage which turned out to be the work of insiders to discredit Chairman Sheikh I.C Quaye, thereby ridiculing him in the eyes of the public.


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