Musa Superior Grabs Nyaho-Tamakloe’s Neck


… And Drags Him Before NPP Disciplinary Committee

A failed parliamentary aspirant for the Tamale Central Constituency in the Northern Region, has called on the leadership of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) to investigate Dr. Nyaho Nyaho-Tamakloe, one of the founding fathers of the party for exercising his right to freedom of expression.

Musa Superior, dragged the medical doctor to the NPP Disciplinary Committee Chairman for challenging the calls by Nana Akufo-Addo and other NPP leaders on President John Mahama to do broader consultations before appointing a new Chairman for the Electoral Commission (EC).

According to Musa Superior, the process to engage in broader consultation to replace Dr. Kwadwo Afari-Gyan, who retires next month, is a call from the General Secretary, Kwabena Agyapong, Mr. Afoko, as well as the NPP presidential candidate, Nana Addo, so he could not understand why Dr. Nyaho-Tamakloe, will disagree with the suggestion from his party.

For this reason, Musa Superior, has petitioned the Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee, the Chairman of the Council of Elders and copied Nana Akufo-Addo in his capacity as the NPP presidential candidate to investigate the ex-military officer.

The petition filed against the former Ghana’s Ambassador to Serbia Montenegro was dated April 17, 2015. What is shocking was that Lawyer Kwame Boafo Akuffo and Nana Asante Bediatuo, both nephews of Nana Addo, like Dr. Nyaho-Tamakloe, had also disagreed with the NPP position, but none of them featured in the petition submitted to the Disciplinary Committee.

The petition intercepted by The Herald said, the party’s call for a broader consultation on the appointment of the EC boss, resonates with the grassroots of the party.

But Dr. Nyaho Nyaho-Tamakloe; “a so-called leading member of the party was reported in the media, particularly on TV3 network as saying that; calls for President John Dramani Mahama to have broader consultations with political parties in the appointment of the chairman of the EC are unfortunate….”

The petitioner, could not understand why Dr. Nyaho-Tamakloe, onetime President of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) “condemned the NPP’s position; saying the call for consultation is unwarranted and claimed it is unconstitutional. “I (Musa Superior find this totally reprehensive”.

Mr. Superior, who enjoys a good rapport with Nana Addo, also took issues with Dr. Nyaho-Tamakloe’s statement that “this nation is governed by a constitution and this is not the first time that we have had an EC chairman and I believe strongly that we should go strictly by what the constitution says. This whole issue about broad consultation is unconstitutional and we should not even think about it at all”.

He could not also understand why the medical doctor would say, “I don’t believe at all in that, the Constitution says that the president will act on the advice of the Council of State. We have a Council of State in place and they are made up of very prominent people and if I can say, we have all ten regional representations
there. So what is the problem? .This is unnecessary problem that we want to saddle this country with once again and I don’t think that should be allowed”.

According to the petitioner, Dr. Nyaho-Tamakloe’s statement, is an affront to the Constitution of the party. This it said was because, Dr. Nyaho-Tamakloe, has failed to publicly uphold the decision of the party as required of members per article 3(d) IV of the Constitution of the NPP.

“By his vehement public condemnation on the position of the party on this particular matter, he has not only flagrantly violated the provisions of the party’s Constitution; he sought to undermine the party’s focus and credibility in this decision. I am concerned that, this could derail the efforts to ensuring that a competent, impartial and transparent person is appointed to this crucial role of the EC’’.

The petition asked that the leadership of the party, must haul Dr. Nyaho-Tamakloe, before the Disciplinary Committee of the NPP National Executive Committee (NEC) to charge him for gross misconduct and made to answer questions regarding his recklessness.

Musa Superior’s letter to the leadership of the party, pointed out that “the 2016 presidential and parliamentary elections are very crucial to the people of Ghana as it remains a significant opportunity to vote out this incompetent National Democratic Congress (NDC) government”.

“The Ghanaian people are looking to the NPP to step in to salvage the economy and create a fairer and more economically viable society for the citizens. It is, therefore, important that party members across board conduct themselves properly, defend the decisions and protect the good name of the party”.

For this reason, we have a responsibility to remain committed to the ideals of the party and to ensure that we do the right things at all times to secure the confidence of a rather pessimistic citizenry’’, he demanded.

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