MTTU To Clamp Down On Recalcitrant Drivers In The City


By Cecil Mensah

The Commander of the Motor Traffic and Transport Unit (MTTU) of the Ghana Police Service has serve notice of his outfits intention to clamp down on all recalcitrant drivers, who does not obey common road traffic regulations in the country when driving.

According to the unit head, uniform and plain cloth officers will be deployed across the country to ensure drivers show priority to pedestrians crossing when driving.

Chief Superintendant Anderson Ofosu-Ackaah made this pronouncement in an exclusive interview with The Herald in Accra.
He explained that the plain cloth men would be detailed to ensure drivers adhere to the Ghana Highway Code that stipulates that drivers stop for
a little while, before moving when they are approaching “Zebra Crossing”

He said, it has come to the notice of the Unit in recent times that majority of drivers do not observe the Highway Code and stop on Zebra Crossings when they are not supposed to do so.

He reminded drivers to slow down when they are approaching a Zebra Crossing pole, because it is an offence to stop on a Zebra Crossing.
He said, research available at MTTU has indicated that majority of drivers flout this Highways Code and as a results personnel will not relent
on their ores in arresting offenders.

He said, pedestrians also have no priority at the pedestrian crossing until they step on the Zebra Crossing to compel drivers to stop, but it is mandatory for drivers to also slow down whenever they are approaching a pedestrian crossing.

He said, the plain cloth security officers would also be on the lookout for drivers of vehicles that have plastic number plates, aside the prescribed and standard number plates issued by the Driver’s and Vehicles Licensing Authority (DVLA).

He said, it is against the law for drivers to be using such number plates and that the police wouldnot relent in arresting drivers who fall foul of this law.

He explained that the standardized number plate is a reflector number plate issued by DVLA across the country.

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