MTTU Must Intensify Its Awareness Campaign


The accident by the Chief Justice of The Russian Federation, Rt.Hon. Justice Viacheslav Mikhailovic Lebedev is a cause for concern for Ghanaians.

The recklessness on the part of drivers and the unmotorable roads that we have in most part of the country could both be factors that are claiming lives every day.

Drivers of heavy duty vehicles, think that the road is for them alone, they use the size of their vehicles to push other vehicles off the road.

It was no surprise that after even seeing a convoy, the driver veered into the road in which his convoy was travelling.

We should be able to regulate the activities of these vehicles, especially the tipper trucks. It will also help if we could expand our roads to have a lane for such vehicles, so that they don’t compete with the smaller vehicles for space.

The Ghana Police Service and in particular, Motor Transport and Traffic Unit (MTTU), should also be up and doing. Their presence along the roads should not be limited only to check License and other documents, but should be able to arrest recalcitrant drivers on our roads.

As it is now their presence could best be described as showmanship.
The Government, through the Ministry of Roads and Highways, should also move fast to take care of some of the pot-holes on our roads. It cost a
lot to construct roads and so for now, what can be done is to patch the potholes, while we hope to get money to construct the roads.

The Police should also intensify its awareness campaign, on the need for motorists to give way to official convoy. There is a reason for dispatch riders to be acknowledged during official duties.

Such an embarrassment should not happen again

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