MTN; The Extortion Is Too Much


Aside bad network that characterizes the leading Mobile Telecommunication network, MTN, a payment system has been introduced to make financial transaction easy and convenient, has also become an avenue for the company to make abnormal profit.

In every financial transaction, customers do not pay twice for the same transaction. MTN Mobile Money is the only transaction that requires both the sender and the receiver to pay.

Nothing can describe this robbery, except extortion. It is true that, MOMO, is convenient, fast and reliable, but that does not justify charging loyal customers, who have been with the company, making it the biggest shareholder in the industry, paying twice.

MOMO, has brought relief to lower class in our society, who shy away from the traditional banks. This group of people, who are already stretched financially, are made to part away with the little that, they go to receive from relatives.

You send money and then you tell the vendor you want the person receiving the money to receive the same amount, so you are asked to pay one percent. Unfortunately and sadly, the person when he or she is going to withdraw the money is also charged one percent.

How much tax do they pay to the state to be ripping off innocent Ghanaians like this?

Traditional banks which pay huge taxes to the government do not charge poor customers operating Savings Account, from depositing and withdrawing money. The only bank that attempted to do, but quickly abandoned the idea, when customers started to complain was the GCB bank.

MTN, keeps telling customers not to pay at the point of sending the money, but the vendors also insist that, customers pay, else the one percent, will be deducted from the money one is sending.

Since the introduction of MOMO, has MTN, ever organized any workshop for the vendors to educate them about what is allowed and what is not.

We all know how Ghanaians like taking advantage of each other, so when you leave things to their discretion, the results is what we have out there.

As a company dealing with millions of Ghanaians, MTN owes itself a moral obligation to address the flagrant abuse of their customers.

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