MTN Must Do Something About Their Text Messaging System


Mobile Telecommunication Network (MTN) Ghana Limited has been notoriously noted for ill-treating their customers. Anything negative affecting the services provided by the operators in the telecom industry and had to be solved trust MTN,to miss out.

For how long can they continue treating customers as though, they do not matter?

MTN Ghana sees every disgruntled subscriber as inconsequential, if not what explains the raw deal they give customers.

MTN Ghana, with over 12 million active subscriber base, and close to over 50percent market share, is Ghana’s most profitable and efficient telecommunications company.

The company like it competition is always quick to send unsolicited text messages about one promotion or another.

Lately, sending a text message from MTN to other networksis a hellish experience. You are charged for sending the text message, yet the message does not get delivered.

When you attempt calling the customer care desk to seek clarification and enquire why the message was not delivered, as always with our telecommunication companies, the call keeps dropping or the lines are always busy.

MTN, cannot claim to be the leading telecommunication provider, when customers are never satisfied with their services.

MTN mobile money, charges one percent on any amount you send, when the recipient is also going to receive the money,is also charged one percent. How much does MTN pay by way of tax to engage in this extortion?

Even traditional banks, do not charge so much. What subscribers ask in return is quality of service and the opportunity to be heard whenever they have any concern.

MTN, is in the business of providing services and customer service, is a service in itself, so they must be seen at least trying to achieve a semblance of excellence.

Every network, will at one point or another, encounter problems, the best practice, will be to inform customers of it and what the network is doing to solve the problem.

What is happening that the only messages from MTN get delivered, and it is unsolicited, which are a bother, instead of the ones we are charged for must stop.

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