MTN Must Check Their Network


There is a festival of fraud being machinated against Ghanaians by telecommunication outfits and we all seem not to care, because as usual we are Ghanaians and we are meek.

Indeed, there is an urgent need for Ghanaians to rise and resist all forms of oppression and manipulation, not only from our political oppressors, but from telecommunication companies, too.

Mobile Telecommunication Giant, MTN, has over the years, treated Ghanaians with disdain in their service delivery.

As usual Ghanaians, in their malleable nature, have refused to speak out in protest against the malaise, and the ill-treatment is going on with impunity.

Apart from the remarkable impunity, where both the sender and a receiver of Mobile Money all pay for the same transaction, which we have written about on countless occasions, but because of our simple mindedness no one is interested in helping safe ourselves, including our politicians, MTN’s unnecessary delay on notifying you of a successful transaction, causes one to do one transaction twice.

In fact, the delay with which MTN sends message of an outgoing transaction is legendary.

Try sending credit to someone from your MOMO account, after completing the process and you send; it takes about thirty or more minutes, before receiving a message of a successful transaction.

When the delay happens, because the one you are sending the credit to is expectant, you are forced to repeat the process again, thinking you might have missed something the first time, only for a notification message to be sent thirty minutes later, telling you, the two transactions, have all gone through.

Why must innocent customers pay for the negligence of MTN, unless it is another ploy to take more from the already suffering Ghanaians.

A transaction like that cannot be cancelled, at least that option is not available, even if it is, how do you know it wasn’t successful.

MTN, must work on their systems, which look like it has taken more than it can handle. You cannot continue adding more customers to an already choked one.

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