Mr Terkper; The Future Is Always Bright


In Ghana, we always talk of the good old days and the future will be bright.

This conclusion about believing that the future holds a lot of prospects are anchored in our belief in God.

A future bright does not just happen, a lot of things must be done that will ensure that the future we wish for ourselves, does not remain a mirage, as it has been since the overthrow of the first President, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

What workable and achievable policies, have you introduced that Ghanaians can have confidence in, that when you talk about a bright future; we can all jump in ecstasy.

Since 2013, when you were appointed, Ghanaians expected a lot from you, but unfortunately everything you touch, only gets worse.

The Cedi is depreciating at an alarming rate, all the promises you have made to Ghanaians to halt the decline, has only ended up escalating the situation.

Not too long ago, there was a debate about whether the erratic power supply the country was experiencing was not more of a financial problem, it took the intervention of the President on workers day to tell Ghanaians that it was rather a technical problem. You are the Finance Minister, and if the problem of dumsor is
financial, it is your duty to look for the money to ensure that we are able to import crude to power our thermal generation plants.

The Senchi Consensus was supposed to come out with certain recommendations that would put Ghana on a sound economic footing, but as at now, we are yet to feel it impact. What you have done and continue to do is the usual rhetoric’s about a bright future, which we all know is a fine print on paper.

Indeed the future is bright, but you need to get your acts together. We have the best brains in this country to help you give us that bright future that you talk of, all you have to do is to engage them.

Mr Finance Minister, this is our future, if we don’t survive today, they will be nobody to see that bright future that you keep propounding.

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