Mr President Watch The Good Deeds Of Tema MCE


In this era, where politicians feel that an opportunity to serve, is an opportunity to Lord over the people, very few of them gets the pass mark, deserving of praise.

The concept of public service is missing in our everyday lives, a position of Authourity, has been misinterpreted to mean, entitlement, instead of leaders, respecting the led, because the power, really belongs to the people, they rather use the office, given them by the kind benevolence of the people, to show them that, really they have the power.

They talk to them with disdain, they shun their company, they no longer identify with them, and they have become first class citizens and the people, third class citizens.

I am not one person who believes in niceties, I do not believe in bootlicking and my readers will bear testimony to the fact that I do not mince words, regardless of
whose oxe is gored, I say it as it is.

I pay taxes and my taxes are used to pay our public servants, so I do not see the reason why I should make merry and shower praises on someone, because the person is performing his or her duties, for which they are paid, that will be an exercise in mediocrity.

Our elders have a saying that, he who climbs a good tree and is the one to be supported.

When one leader becomes the odd one out and stands tall among his peers, he must be counted and applauded and today, I intend to celebrate one man, whose good deeds precedes him and must be told that he deserves a pat on the back.

For me to spend time to praise someone, will mean two things, first, the person has exemplified his or her office and has tried to live above reproach.

Today, I am sure if a survey is done to find out the behavior of government officials towards the citizenry, one word will come up on the lips of many people, arrogance.

In Ghana, most appointees of the President or political figures see their offices as a God given right, for which reason, we should sing and call out their names.
Rarely, do you hear a Minister or District Chief Executive’s (DCEs) name being mentioned and the mere mentioned of the name bring smiles onto the faces of many; at most it will be greeted with chuckles or the popular word in Ghana now, “Tweeaaa”.

I could be wrong in my conclusions of the man who has strike a chord in me to get me to praise him, because I have not met him, I do not know he exist, but I believe in the judgment of my reporter, who is so hard to please.

On Monday, June 8, a colleague accompanied the Greater Accra regional branch of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) on a working tour of Tema.

The purpose of the tour was to get at first hand information on the projects being undertaken by the Tema Municipal Assembly (TMA), a similar tour, had taken the team to Madina and Ashaiman Municipalities, also for the same purpose.

It was intended to showcase to the people of Ghana the good works being accomplished under the current government, which is not known to many. A call, many people have been making all these while, it is better late than never, if you ask me, but it will depend largely on the frequency of such visits and the coverage giving it.

It is painful, when you work your back and yet all you hear is you have done nothing, seeing indeed they say, is believing.

It is against this backdrop that some of us, including me, have been calling on government communicators to tell the general populace what this government has been able to accomplished in its six years in office.

The Greater Accra Branch of the party, have answered the clarion call and are in the forefront of taking media personnel to every District or Municipality within its jurisdiction to highlight the good works that has been accomplished and the ones yet to be completed by the various district and municipal assemblies.

Upon my colleague’s return from Tema, she could not hide joy her and excitement about the MCE in Tema, Mr Isaac Ashai Odamteng.

The first thing she said to me was ‘Razak’, if I have the opportunity to meet President, John Dramani Mahama, I will tell him to elevate the Tema MCE to the status of a Minister, anytime he does reshuffle.

His human relation within that short period they spent with him was par excellence; he responded to every question and was patience enough to accommodate all of them. When they got to his office, the number of people who had gathered there to meet him was beyond her imagination, he had time for everyone, it was after he
finished that he attended to them.

I already mentioned that an earlier visit, had taken the team to Madina and Ashaiman Municipalities, when the team visited these two Municipalities, the MCEs never accompanied them, some Officers were rather detailed to go with them, but Mr Isaac Ashai Odamteng, who believes in the concept of leadership, made sure he did not sit in his office and direct affairs, but was out with the team to show them what his outfit has been able to achieve.

How many of his kind do we have around, he just doesn’t belong here. It is no wonder that many people are calling on him to put himself up for election, when the National Democratic Congress opens nominations for Parliamentary primary.

Neither I nor my office has anything to offer him, except to wish him and pray that he does not get swollen headed by the accolades that are being showered on him.
Our elders have a saying that, a precious bead does not make noise.

Mr. Odamteng continue to do what you do best, people are watching and appreciating, your reward will surely come soon.

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