Mr President; Time To Reign In Your Vigilante Groups

The problem of living outside the law is that, you no longer have the protection of it. This saying is not original to this newspaper, but it goes to emphasise the call by many to deal decisively without fear or favour, the terror vigilante groups of the New Patriotic Party are visiting on innocent Ghanaians.

Members of the NPP, who are trying desperately to make this country ungovernable, have made it clear to all of us that, they do not respect the laws of the country and so we must hang them out to dry.

Since January 7, when this administration was birthed, we have witnessed the purposeful suspension of common sense by various actors in government, including the Commander in Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces.

Since independence, no government, have had the benefit of appointing as many people in the security setup, as this government has done, yet we cannot get a goodnight sleep.

Anytime any act of violence is recorded, the president, who has the final say in all matters, will tell Ghanaians that, that was the last time, such backward actions, would be recorded.

His words, if it was ink, will not dry, until another act of violence is visited on peace-loving Ghanaians, whose crime is to serve the country.

The recent surge in vigilantism across Ghana, came to us with little surprise; the signs have loomed in the horizon, when the first act of buffoonery was exhibited by the Delta Force in Kumasi, when they brazenly stormed a court room to free some of their members standing trial for assaulting the Ashanti regional national security co-ordinator, George Agyei, who was appointed by the president.

Last week Fridays attack by heavily built macho men, believed to be members of the Invisible Forces at Ada, during the election of District Chief Executive (DCE), was as deplorable as it was lethal to the peaceful existence of Ghana.




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