Mr President Take A Look At GCB Management


The attrition rate at Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB), since the current Managing Director, took over the running of the state owned bank is very alarming.

The exodus of experienced and well qualified hands to other banks and financial institution should be a worry to anybody who wants the survival of GCB.

The management style of Simon Dornoo, which is analogous to autocracy, has forced a lot of the people, who have hitherto helped to write the success story of the once biggest bank in Ghana.

The workers are silently up in arms against the MD-led management, as well as the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), which they believe, when the current government is out of power, means the MD, get to change. If the President, John Dramani Mahama, is desirous of retaining power, he must do something about the situation at the GCB.

The story at the Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) is different, Stephen Kpordzih, whose leadership has brought some vibrancy and difference in the activities of the bank, is one to be emulate by all. Workers at the bank have vowed to resist any attempt from any quarters, either now or in the future to change him.

His sterling performance is what has engineered the bank to want to list on the Ghana Stock Exchange this year. His philosophy of lets create together and share together is what is motivating the workers, as nobody is leaving the bank, but rather the bank is attracting the brightest bankers in the industry.

Ghana Commercial Bank, has now become a breeding ground for competitive banks, no single bank in Ghana, at least at the management level, has not benefited from the benevolence of Simon Dornoo-led management.

We cannot mention names of individuals who have left and to which bank, because we do not have their permission to do so. None of the experienced ones are left, because they want to leave or have left, all because of the poor management of Simon Dornoo. The new Managing Director of Universal Merchant Bank is a product of GCB.

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