Mr. President; Dumsor Is Defining Your Administration


Dear Mr President, I greet you In the name of Allah, I hope you are doing well, as it is obvious that, the job of the President is not one of the faint hearted, but for the brave and those with foresight.

Sir, this is my second letter to you concerning the problems associated with the power sector. I know you are having sleepless nights over the erratic power supply.

You are doing everything humanly possible to put this problem behind you, but the more you try, the more it recurs.

Sir, we might be doing the same things over and over again, it explains the reason why we are getting the same results, which is not a good sign for
a developing nation.

In 2012, Sir, I wrote an article outlining the reasons, why I was going to vote for you. I am one of the few people, who are proud to have you as their leader; I have never regretted voting for you and this year, will not be different.

Sir, even the physically challenged can attest to the massive infrastructural development going on around the country. Your record is only second to that of our first President, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

We study history, Mr. President to guide us, as a student of history and someone, who had actually taught it, you will appreciate what Dr. Kwame Nkrumah said, after he was overthrown on that fateful day in February.

He said, if he knew Ghanaians wanted him to connect pipes to their homes flowing with milk, he would have done that.

The point here Sir, is that, we are all selfish, it is inherent in us, it is what separates us from animals, given the opportunity, everyone, will put himself before the other, forget the admonition by the scripture as part of the Ten Commandment that, Love your neighbor as they self, in any case it didn’t say, more than thyself.

Posterity will sing your praise, as we are doing Dr. Nkrumah today, but Sir, as we say in Ghana, tomorrow will take care of itself.
Governance is a complex subject, as a leader, you are always confronted with what must come first. Every sector is as important as the other, so you cannot relegate one to the background.

Men are created equal, but some are more equal than others, this is so with every facet of our daily lives.

Priority is very important in achieving a desired and appreciable end.

Like roads, which you have chalked significant milestone, power, is the wheels on which development travels. Without power our dream of achieving a
sustainable middle-income status, will remain a pipe dream.

Sir, we are getting to a point, where Ghanaians will throw their hands up in despair, giving up on everything that, they believe in. they believe in you, but the dumsor is becoming your nemesis.

In your State of The Nation Address in 2014, you told us that, I, John Dramani Mahama, will not manage dumosr, but I will fix it.

The statement was profound, it was reassuring, it was a quote that, will linger on the minds of Ghanaians for a long time to come. The statement
will be meaningful, if you fix the dumsor.

I cannot for the life of me, Sir. Understand why you have been able to surmount other problems, but not this one. It is becoming like your Achilles heels, I know if you have intended sending a Ghanaian to the moon, you will have achieved that, so what is the problem with Dumsor?

Even me who is nobody, anytime I am confronted by friends who know my affiliation; I find it very difficult to defend, my promises and assurances, has not seen the light of day, and so I can imagine what you go through.

Mr. President, I had earlier commended you for finally hitting the nail on the coffin, when the problem seem to have ended, you brought us a relieve for a few months and then the problem of the over-billing came up, following the introduction a new billing system by the Electricity Company of Ghana.

In Madina last month, which happens to be my Constituency by the way and Alhaji Amadu Sorogho is giving away the Seat to the New Patriotic Party’s, Alhaji Abubakar Saddique Boniface, you promised Ghanaians and true to your words that, effective July 1, they will see a reduction in their billing.

You delivered and now the burning issue is not about the over-billing that nearly sent some companies, packing out of this country. We are grateful Sir, but that is not the end of the road.

Mr. President, my last epistle to you, was about appointing a substantive Minister of Power, the issue is one that is still a concern to me, we still have people who have the capacity and intellect to help you achieve your dream of transforming this country.

The acting Minister of Power, Seth Terkper, already has a full plate, his ministry is already having it own problems to deal with, the success or failure of your government rests largely on his ministry, burdening him again, with another important and sensitive ministry is too much.

Sir, you have already publicly stated your confidence in him, even at the time members of your party were calling for his head. He has gotten more than he deserve, so don’t make him more unpopular than he already is.

The problem of unemployment is getting out of hand, it is a monster waiting to chew all of us, dumsor, is also helping to compound a humongous issue.

We have not been told how many people lost their job as a result of Dumsor, how many businesses folded up, how many relocated, whatever happens it leads to the loss of jobs by Ghanaians.

Sir, Ghanaians know that, you did not create the problem, you didn’t invent it, you only came to office at the time Ghanaians have become conscious of the responsibilities of their leaders and are thereby demanding more from you.

It has also provided you a unique opportunity to be the leader that, did not run away from a problem, but he faced it head on, solved it and made it a thing of the past.

Sir, problems or difficulties are supposed to bring out the best in us, your best is what is needed to put this monster behind us.

Ghanaians, will forever be grateful to you for not paying lip service to the problem, but that you solved it to the satisfaction and admiration of

I believe in you, we believe in you, don’t let us down. So far, not very good, as far as solving the power crisis is concern.

Sir, in conclusion I wish to reiterate that, you have built enough capacity to power this country two times over, but as we say, electricity no get legs, ebi cable wey edey carry am. In other words, the installed capacity, cannot on its own provide power, without the fuel or gas needed to do that.

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