Mr. President, Act Now On ECG Or It Will Be Your Downfall


Dear Mr. President: I am sure you are tired of people saying you are not performing as a president.

Mr. President, for your own name to be written in the annals of Ghanaian history, pull out the check book and contact the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) immediately.

Mr. President, you promised us in your 2014 State of the Nation Address that, you intend to fix the energy crisis that had bedeviled the nation since 2012.

Indeed Mr. President, true to your words and promise, you set out to build and add to our power generation mix and distribution grid and now we are out of the woods.

But just when Ghanaians, heaved a sigh of relief from the crisis, that came to be known as ‘Dumsor’, another monster was created. We have uninterrupted supply of power, but we cannot put on our lights, because of exorbitant bills.

Mr. President, Ghanaians, have come to the realization that, if they need to get constant supply of power, they must pay, but where do we draw the line between what is reasonable amount and outrageous?

Mr. President for some inexplicable reasons, the machines of the ECG, has suddenly become faulty, at a time the Public Utilities and Regulatory Commission (PURC), had given them the green light to increase tariffs.

During the time of the endless crisis, a lot of business had to fold up, workers were laid-off, some companies, had to relocate to other countries, because of the amount of money, they spend to buy fuel to power their generator plants.

Mr. President, the story is even dire now, as it was even cheap buying fuel than, the amounts spent these days buying prepaid credit or paying monthly bills.

Mr. President, both the rich and poor are crying, they need you to listen to them; they need you to attend to their plight, whichever way you could.

You and I Mr. President know quite well that one does not require a Chinese torch-light to see that what is perching on his scrotum is an injurious tsetse fly.

Your opponents are playing politics with it and inciting Ghanaians to rise up and vote you out in the November polls, despite your good works, their wish, could come to pass, if you do not do anything about the problems being created by ECG.

I know, Mr. President that, you mean well for this country and your people, you do not want to go down the path taken by your predecessors, who did not have the courage and presence of mind to do what is right and expedient.

What you are doing, in the not too distant future, will enable Ghana to be self-sufficient and stop having to go to our bi-lateral and multi-lateral partners for handouts, but the process must be slow, so that Ghanaians, don’t feel like it is a punishment.

You emerged with hope and promises of a better tomorrow,For once, the hopes of all Ghanaians were rekindled and in that moment and time, you became one of the most popular leaders of Africa and possibly, second only to few like Nelson Mandela of South Africa and Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

More importantly, Mr. President, most Ghanaians, had always believed that you are not the problem. If anything, you were supposed to be the solution; at least, that was what you made us to believe when you courted our votes and electoral mandate.

Ghanaians, Mr. President, do not expect anything less, they believe in you, they trust you and they expect you above all to share in their plight.
Mr. President, ECG, is making your government unpopular, they are suffocating Ghanaians with their huge bills, businesses are crying, because they can’t contain the exorbitant prices.

A recent survey conducted by GN Research, a multinational research company and a member of Groupe Nduom indicates that, most hotels in Accra, are currently paying about 140 percent more for power, instead of the approved 59.2 percent by Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) in December 2015.

Residential consumers are also said to be having their fair share of the nightmare, a statement issued and signed by Mr. Samuel Kofi Ampah, Head of GN Research said.

Those who know how to “blow” too much English will say “a desperate situation calls for a desperate solution.”

Mr. President, we live in desperate times, and so desperation solutions are needed to safeguard your legacy and businesses of Ghanaians.

Mr. President, call the management of ECG to order, sit down at table with them and ask them to give you the solution to ending the faulty system that, is choking your people.

You promised to lead Ghanaians out of the darkness and you have done that, please Sir, do something about the charges.
It was used to be called ‘Dumsor’, it is now Mr. President ‘sor ma y3nhwe’ to wit, put it on and let see.

Mr. President, I know you are a listening President, a very considerate one at that, my plea, will not fall on deaf ears, you will see this, as an urgent call to rise up and fight for your people.

Your people, Mr. President are witnessing unprecedented infrastructural development under your government, they know that, you mean well for them, do not let one sector of the economy destroy everything, you have labored to build.

Whatever fault at the ECG that is causing these problems, must be attended to and soon, the painfulwoundit is leaving behind, is not likely to heal soon, that is, if it is allowed to go on unattended is time to act Mr. President.

Create Your Legacy Mr. President. Like Obama said “You will be remembered by what you built, not what you destroyed.”

Finally, if you must stand the chance of making any meaningful headway in the arduous task of pulling our chestnut out of the fire, you must resolve to assume – and to be seen to have assumed – the driver’s seat in piloting the country’s ship of statecraft, and to also realize that as the president, the buck stops at your table.

In the end, Ghanaians, will not remember you as the President who reminded them of their ugly past and the source of their problem, but as one who took bold and courageous steps to secure their liberation.

Thank You Mr. President.

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