Mr Know-It-All Franklin Cudjoe Do Not Bring Your Cyber Irksome On FDA


“You are not serious….I have begun my war fare…….watch out….These stupid military style ambush tactics won’t yield any lasting results………..Now they are on to condoms, next will be vitamin C and then my bladder…..ebufusem….Need to bring that reclusive house down…”

This was the comment Franklin Cudjoe, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Imani Ghana, posted on the facebook wall of Bright Simons, also of Imani Ghana, who wrote a programme called mPedigree.

mPedigree, according to Wikipedia refers both to a world-first mobile telephony shortcode platform that interconnects GSM mobile networks in the West African republic of Ghana to a central registry wherein pedigree information of product brands belonging to participant manufacturers are stored, as well as the organisation that has emerged in the country to manage and promote this registry to organisations and firms in the health sector of Ghana and Africa.

[1] The latter is named the mPedigree Network.[2][3][4][5] In November 2008, the Nigerian National Agency for Drug Administration & Control (NAFDAC) reported to an industry publication that its Technical Committee was evaluating the security credentials of the mPedigree system for a possible roll-out in that country.

Bright Simon had posted on his facebook wall that a lot of people had sent messages asking him, whether the Tobinco debacle could have been avoided had the Food and Drugs Authourity (FDA) adopted the mpedigree protocol.

Whatever we are doing is work in progress, nowhere has the FDA, said like Franklin that they know it all. it is an Institution of State and we all have a stake in it. The job is simple, the Authourity is

charged with the regulation of food, drugs, Food supplements, herbal and homeopathic medicines, veterinary medicines, cosmetics, medical devices, household chemical substances, tobacco and tobacco products.

Franklin Cudjoe’s insults come at a time, when the rest of the world has found the best and important use of the internet: a tool of socio-political engagement, it is surprising that democratic and moral values have not been surfacing in our own online community. To my chagrin, the proliferation of the so called “cyber-based activism” -being among the referable developments of the internet pervasiveness- is fueling indecorum and unfriendly interpersonal engagement.

This is not the first time; Mr Know-it-all, Mr Repository of knowledge Cudjoe, had taken individuals and Institutions to the cleaners with his infantile and uncouth comments. Most of his post are annoying to say the least.

If you are a constant or regular user of the internet, you will agree with me that one of the easiest and funniest ways of ridiculing our leaders is through the use of social and online platforms, and Franklin Cudjoe, seem to have found a profession doing that.

His irksome amoralities have become so alarming that I begin to wonder and question the moral values in him.

I wonder how such a brilliant young man with a good command of the queens language, could not display simple civility in his conduct on facebook.

How is it so convenient for him to attack people he barely know publicly, is something I am finding very difficult to comprehend.

Are these abusive reactions based on his personal idiocy and irrationality? Or it is the demonstration of arrogance and moral laxity that characterize his virtues?

I wonder how we can instill or restore morality, civility and modesty in what we post on facebook, because among everything we are all educating each other, it is a platform where we exchange and share ideas, not to insult Mr Cudjoe. We can disagree on what is best for this country, but in doing so, we should respect each other’s rights and responsibilities.

As much as I could not proffer answers to these puzzling questions, I believe that social commentaries itself is one of the major, and of course simplest form of exhibiting democratic norms. And democracy as said: is an institution that allows equal participation in all governmental, political or social settings.

FDA is not a law onto itself, it is part of the governance structure, if for any reason they are not seeing sense into Mpedgree, Imani can go to the Ministry of Health, who has supervisory responsibility on the Authourity to launch a complaint.

I admire and commend Fanklin Cudjoe and Imani Ghana for being at the forefront of conscientising the youth of this country and Africa and making us alive to our responsibilities, but that should not be a license to run everything and everybody down, for selfish interest and self-aggrandizement.

Is Franklin Cudjoe’s anger misplaced and unnecessary, yes? Because I don’t think his outfit has exhausted all the processes of getting FDA to subscribe to the technology.

If the technology was developed by me or any other Ghanaian, will Franklin attach the same sentiment and anger he is displaying now, because Bright Simmon’s is a member of Imani?

I remember a relevant folklore story suitable to advocate for respect and accommodation of the differences of opinion in the public sphere. The story of an elephant kept in a deeply dark room and a few number of people are called to go into the room, to touch what is in the room, and come back to explain according to what they touch. The invited people enter from different doors, and there were able to touch different parts of the elephant’s body. Those that enter from front, were able to touch the elephant trunk, and believe the room contain a round tall pole, those that enter the room from the side touch the elephant’s stomach and the thighs, to them the room contain a rock and subsequently those that enter from back touch the elephant’s tail and believe it is a tiny tall tree that is kept in the room.

This illustrate the point that solutions abound in how to solve a problem, maybe you disagree with the tactics FDA has adopted, that is no excuse to chastise and use unprintable words on them.

mPedigree, is not the only panacea to stop the proliferation of fake drugs in Ghana.

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