Mr Finance Minister What About The Eastern Corridor Road?


At the budget reading on Wednesday, the finance minister, Ken Ofori Attah, mentioned some roads, the government intends to construct over the next three years.

Conspicuously missing from the list is the Eastern corridor road, specifically Hohoe-Jasikan road. That stretch is not only in bad shape, it is just not motorable.

Not long ago, the Chiefs and People of Hohoe, made a passionate appeal to the government to as a matter of urgency, complete that stretch of the Eastern corridor.

The call has become imperative, because over the last eight years reign of the National Democratic Congress, attempts were made to construct that part of the corridor, a contractor was deployed to site, work begun and was unfortunately abandoned for inexplicable reasons.

So, it is not like nothing has been done on it, the only difficulty is that, with the work abandoned, when there is little downpour, it renders the road unmotorable and this is having a toll on the socio-economic activities of the area.

The government cannot construct all roads in the country in four years, but it only makes sense to focus on roads that, have already been given out by your predecessors and work have started in earnest.

The inhabitants of the Volta region, deserve the fair share of the national cake, going through the list of roads to be constructed in the next three years, only two provisions were made for the region, i.e. Have to Hohoe and Nkwanta to Damanko roads were only captured to be constructed.

This is not good enough, considering that, the Volta region is one of the least developed regions in the country.

Government upon government, has paid lip service to that region, a road that seeks to connect the South to the North and reduce travel time, must be given priority.

The Eastern corridor road, when completed will reduce the number of hours, one has to travel from the South to the North.

It will also boost the economic activities of that part of the country, so any government desirous of reducing poverty, will not close it eyes to that road, no matter the competing interest.



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