Mr Finance Minister; The People Of Pantang And Its Environs Are Living With Dumsor

Ghanaians have seen and endured the worst, so it will not be a shame on the part of government, to tell Ghanaians that, dumsor is back.

The finance minister, Ken Ofori-Atta on Wednesday, when he appeared before the August House to present the 2018 budget, told Ghanaians that, students, have forgotten how to spell dumsor, and claimed credit on behalf of the Akufo-Addo, for ending dumsor.

But if you stay around pantang and its surrounding areas, when the minister said, president Akufo-Addo, has ended dumsor, it sounded like noise to the ear.

Never a day passes without the light going off, a schedule or paten, has been established, where the light goes off every morning and comes back in the evening, from Monday to Sunday, with no exception.

The story from around the country is not different, the only place where there is semblance of stable power is Accra, even here, it depends on which area you live, as some areas are not as important as others.

This government, instead of getting to work to improve on what they inherited is talking too much. The previous administration ended dumsor, before handing over to the current, but it looks like they are gradually taking us back to the horrible days of power outages.

Pantang hosts one of the most important medical facilities, although mental cases are not given the necessary attention, as other cases, if not for the patients,  it is imperative for the authourities to think about the safety and security of the staff of that facility.

The place also serves as a training facility for various fields in nursing and so to allow them to go through what they are going through, we have to think about the psychological effect and what they will become once they leave school.

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), must also improve on its communication, we are sure that, ECG, has been inundated with calls from residents of Pantang and its surrounding areas, they must tell them what could be causing the daily outages, so they can effectively prepare for it.

Anytime we take a step forward, with a change in government, we take two or more steps backward; something urgent must be done about the situation in Pantang, else the students there, will not only know how to spell dumsor, they will know during whose regime they chewed it by heart.




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