MP Jabs Colleagues

Says,You Only Heckle You Don’t Speak

By Patrick Biddah

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Bongo , Edward Bawa, stepped on the emotions of his colleague Member from Manso Edubia, when he accused him of being a specialist in heckling in the House .

Manso Adubia        Edward bawa

 MP for  Manso Edubia                              MP for Bongo, Hon. Edward Bawa

According to Mr Bawa , his colleague from Manso Edubia, takes delight in heckling in the House during debates, but same cannot be said about him, when it comes to speaking on matters  during debates.

The Bongo MP’s comment, sought to create the impression his colleague from Manso Edubia is good at heckling, but has not found it necessary to be equally good at being vocal during debates.

It all happened when Mr Bawa, who was contributing on the report on the annual sector energy levy report and its account , was heckled by some colleagues from the Majority side.

The  Bongo MP,  also shouted across those heckling him and said ”You ,you do not speak in the House, you only heckle “.

The MP for Manso Edubia in the Ashanti region , who caught the Speaker’s eye when he stood on his feet arrogated to himself the comment made by the Bongo MP.

In a visibly unhappy tone, Mr Addo, wondered why the Bongo MP, should tell him he does not speak in the House, but only heckles when heckling is part of the Parliamentary processes.

“Mr Speaker, I come to the House and I know heckling is part of Parliamentary proceedings. I will not sit down for this man to say what he is saying”, he fumed.

The Second deputy Speaker, Right Honorable Alban Bagbin, who was in the chair asked the Manso Edubia MP, why he was taking offense when the Bongo MP did not mention his name.

The Manso Edubia MP, quickly interjected the Speaker when he said “Mr Speaker, it is me he is referring to, because he was looking at my face”.

Then came the Speaker again, who admonished him not to take offense, because he is aware he the MP contributes to debate and could not have been the one the Bongo MP was referring to.

“Your colleague Member from Bongo could be looking in your direction, but that does not mean he is looking at your face”, the Speaker explained.

The Speaker thereafter cautioned the MP for Bongo from repeating comments of that nature, since any contribution made my any Member is deemed as being addressed to the House for which the Speaker must be the focus and not colleagues .

The Speaker immediately, asked the MP for Bongo to withdraw because his comments were unparliamentary for which Edward Bawa who made the comment withdrew.


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