Moves That Turn Guys Off


Not everything you see in some movies turn all guys on. Perhaps you are doing it all wrong. Here are some misguided “sexy” moves that actually turn your man off

1.Wearing a lot of make –up
Men like women who look presentable. Good taste will attract men but exaggeration will turn them away.

2.Scheduling sex
It is good to plan but sometimes you have to be spontaneous. Do not go like “let us have sex every Tuesday at 8pm”. That is just wrong.

3.Turning off the lights
There’s a reason guys love watching football games in high definition: Men are highly visual beings. Insisting on doing the deed in the dark makes him think you’re more interested in how you look than how he makes you feel. And your insecurity can rain on his parade. If you’re not comfortable in the spotlight, head to a room with a dimmer switch, or light a few candles.

4.Raking his back with your nails
It is okay to press your fingertips and hands all over his back but please do not tear his skin.

5.Don’t fake your orgasm

6.Getting drunk
It is fun to take a few sips but getting wasted can be such a turn off with the bad breath.

7.Going commando
Going “anti-pe” (no panties) is fine in the home but at work or public place. This can make your husband or partner think you are “loose”.

8.Directing the scene
There is a difference between being assertive and taking over production in the bedroom. Being bossy is not a plus in the bedroom. Give him hints about what to do but not nonstop directions. Also appreciate him when he does it right.

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