We Mourn Nelson Madiba Mandela


The whole world is mourning the passing of one of the greatest sons of Africa, Nelson Madiba Mandela, He was 95.

He was a man like all of us, he lived like all of us, what made him different was the recognition by the people of South Africa that he was their hero and they celebrated him as such, until he took his final breadth.

How many heroes don’t we have in this country, who can share the same attributes like, Nelson Mandela if not more?

We can mourn with the people of South Africa and his family, but what we should not lose sight of is the fact that we also have noble men and women who sacrificed their lives, so that many of us today can have the freedom and liberty that was given to us freely by God, but was curtailed by men, until others stood up and said enough was enough.

Nelson Mandela is one of such men, but in South Africa, whiles they put him up as god, we condemn ours and see them suffer, even when things that they have laboured for and legitimately acquired are been taken away from them.

When shall Ghana also have Nelson Mandela, who will be seen in the eyes of the world as a true hero? That is possible, until we start doing so.
His, is a life well lived, he served his people faithfully, we should celebrate him.

The question that South Africans will have to face is, how will the country hold together without him, most importantly the African National Congress (ANC), the political party that Nelson Mandela belongs to.

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