Motor Bike Stealing Hits Konongo –Odumase Police Station


…… Victim Fumes With Anger

From Samuel MensahTorbizo,Kumasi

Snippet of information gathered by The Herald from a close source at the Konongo-Odumase Police Station in the Asaante Akyem Central Municipality, indicated that a police corporal at the station, is fuming with unquenchable anger over what has been described as lack of security and trust at the station.

According to an impeccable insider’s source, Corporal Alfred Afuugu, is burning with rage against some of his colleagues after his two motor bikes, were stolen from the charge office within a spate of a year.

The Herald gathered that the frustrated young hardworking police officer, has termed the thievery of the motor bikes as complete act of negligent, which has dragged the image of the Ghana Police Service in the mud, because the careless attitude exhibited by some of his colleagues on duty, has created the room for the public to lose confidence in the service.

The Herald’s source revealed that some where in March last year, the police corporal parked his motor bike at the charge office, at that time some of his colleagues were around, but on the following day when he decided to go and take the motor for his usual routine exercise within the municipality, it was missing.

This paper has learnt that, the victim made official complaints to his superior, the then Kononogo-Odumase District Commander, DSP Richard Anaba, he was asked to submit a statement and everything was recorded in the complainants’ book of the station, but nothing was done to unravel the circumstance that occasioned the stealing of the motor from the full glare of the other police officers on duty.

The Herald was reliably informed that , on February 19, this year around 9 pm, corporal Afuugu, after returning from patrol, parked a newly acquired motor bike inside the same office where his two colleagues were on duty, but the next day when he went to take the motor, it was nowhere to be found.

Our information indicated that when he questioned his colleagues on duty the previous night the where about of the bike, one told him that they have not seen it.

An intriguing part of the case that The Herald has learnt was that, another motor bike was parked outside the police station by the road side, but was not stolen.

The unanswered question is, if items belonging to a police officer, in whose hands we have entrusted our security could be stolen under the watch of other police officers, then how safe are we the ordinary people.

The source expatiated further that, since the corporal’s bike was stolen, his official movement has been curtailed.

Meanwhile, the paper gathered that the current district commander, Superintendent Sulley, has vowed to launch full scale investigation into the case to smoke out the perpetrators, as it clearly bordered on thievery.

Strenuous efforts at the time of filing this report to get additional information from the victim yielded no result, because he declined to comment, but only said, “The case is being investigated by my superiors, so no comment for now ’’.

Stay tuned for more.

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