Moslems, Christians Back Peaceful Co-Existence


In the wake of the news about Ghanaians, seeking political asylum in Brazil due to religious persecution, a Christian group and the Muslim community led by the Chief Imam, have initiated a significant move to refute that false claims about the two religions in Ghana.

To show the world that Ghana is a peaceful country, where Muslims and Christians harmoniously coexist, the Prophets and Spiritual Churches Council of Ghana onTuesday July 22, 2014 paid a courtesy call on the National Chief Imam and his council of elders to further strengthen the bond of unity between the two religions.

The Spiritual Leader of Prophets and Spiritual Churches Council, Nakoa Nazareth Ansah Jamson, lauded the Chief Imam, Dr. Sheikh Nuhu Sharubutu, for serving as a beacon of peace, and also commended him for what he has done and continues to do for the Christian and Moslem community.

He reminded followers of both religions that Isaac and Ishmael who were Christians and Muslims respectively, trace their roots as brothers and without any adversary buried their father Abraham (Ibrahim) together.

This according to him, should teach all a lesson that it is needless for the two religions to be at each other’s throat.
Nakoa Jamson said, Ghanaians should be grateful to God for creating a special bondage between the two sects in Ghana and hoped other troubled countries emulate Ghana’s example.

“We should be able to sit at one table, eat and drink together irrespective of our religious background and create the bond of love between Christians and Muslims,” he remarked.

“The Spiritual Leader and his lieutenant took the opportunity to inform the Chief Imam about plans to embark on a massive campaign to revive nationalism, patriotism and to eschew apathy, selfishness and greed amongst Christians and Moslem as one people in the country,” Egya Kobbena Stephens, the National Secretary of the Council added.

The leadership of the Christian group including its National Chairman Prophet Peter Sampah also wished the Chief Imam and Muslims well during the end of the Ramadan period.

On his part the National Chairman of the Christian group, Prophet Peter Sampah, paid homage to Chief Imam, while the Chief Imam Sheikh Dr Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu, flanked by his advisors expressed their appreciation to the group and prayed for unity in the country.

The Chief Imam, promised to reciprocate the gesture done him in due course.

He said, the move would cement Ghana’s shining example as a country of peace irrespective of its diverse religious sects.

Dr Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu, added that he took inspiration from God, who created human beings from one source, Adam, and pledged to ensure that the bond between Christians and Muslims in the country was strengthened.

As the Eid-ul-Fitr approaches, the Council donated assorted food items to the National Chief Imam towards the celebrations of this year’s festivities.

The items included 30 bags of rice, 10 gallons of oil, 10 cartons of Milo, and 10 bags maize

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