Mortuary man explains why more youth die lately


It is destined for man to die and after death judgment according to Hebrews 9:27. But deaths involving the youth in recent times is rather on the high with many believing it is fulfillment of what has been enshrined in the bible.

But Abdul [not real name] a mortuary man with one of Ghana’s premier hospitals in Accra disagreed with this assertion and explained exclusively to why he thinks otherwise.

“The young ones die a lot these days especially the young boys. Those from age 15 and above mostly teenagers. I become traumatized preparing such teenagers for preservation. It is a very pathetic situation to see someone who is just about to start life die prematurely. The kind of lifestyles of these youth is the cause of these deaths. Some of them in their quest to get rich fast, others as a result of promiscuous lifestyles, snatching of people’s wives and so many unhealthy habits cause these deaths”, he revealed.

According to Abdul, some of the dead bodies before they are embalmed are seen wearing smiling faces with instances of others frowning adding that he has never seen any dead body wake up from the morgue.

“Once someone is dead he/she is dead. I sleep comfortably here almost all the time and I have never a ghost. I wake up occasionally if I am called to receive a dead body or they are taking one away for burial. Those who come to bath and prepare the bodies for burial sometimes spend much of their time here and nothing happens. I am experienced in this business and nowhere have I seen a dead body wake up so I am not scared at all”, he explained.

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