More Women Beating Men Now- DOVVSU


The biblical position that women, are the weaker vessel appears to be changing, as according to the Police Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) of the Police Service, domestic violence against men ,are being reported.

Evelyn Borbor Beating Husband

According to the Unit’s National Director, Superintendent Evelyn Borbor, was emphatic that lots of men are being beaten by the women than before, adding some of these assault cases filed against women and their spouses, are in court.

She also disclosed that, abuses against men by women have shot up by 20 percent in 2018, from the previous 18 percent.

To her, women who have been at the receiving end are now standing up to some of these abusive men and even overpowering them, albeit unlawfully.

DOVVSU boss, said unlike in the past where women mostly reported their men to her outfit, over one issue or the other, men are also taking a cue from their women and coming out of their shell to lodge complaints against their women.

Sup. Borbor, who said this during an interview with Okay FM yesterday on the 20th anniversary celebration of DOVVSU, said the name change from Women and Juvenile Unit (WAJU) to DOVVU, has also contributed to the increase in men reporting their women over abuses.

“Even now there is one case we are handling. It was in the past that we used to say women were weak but such is not the case now. Women are beating men”, she said.

Asked what is done to such women who abuse their men, the Police officer, said abuses against men are not treated differently. According to her, such cases are “criminal offences” and so they are processed for court adding “There are some who are even in court now”.

 She listed some of the abuses men suffer in the hands of women as emotional abuse, unlawful removal of children and denial of sex.

“When such cases are reported, investigations are conducted and in situation where the couple needs counseling, they are referred to counselors for assistance.When I talk of emotional abuse, it could be verbal or denial of sex. We look into it and make suggestions”.

She denied claim that DOVVSU, deliberately dissolves relationships or marriages.

According to her, often couples are the ones who make suggestion, as to whether they want the issue to travel all the way to court or they want it settled by them or resolved at home. 

“As an institution set up to address these challenges, we hope to reduce the issue of domestic violence and ensure that domestic violence against men, women, and children is reduced drastically,” she said.

The Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) is a unit in the Ghana Police Service. It has the capacity to oversee matters of domestic abuse against women and children. DOVVSU, has a mission to prevent, apprehend and prosecute culprits of domestic violence and child abuse.

The unit provides support and protection for victims of domestic abuse by interrelating activities with the Department of Social Welfare, the International Federation of Women Lawyers and the Legal Aid Board.

DOVVSU assists victims of sexual abuse, physical assault, fraud, and neglect. DOVVSU is also mandated by the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana, the Police Service Act, the Criminal and other Offences Act, Act 29/60, the Children’s Act, Act, 560 /98,  the Juvenile Justice Act,  Act 653/2003, Ghana Domestic Violence Act (Act 732) 2007.

DOVVSU previously Women and Juvenile Unit (WAJU) was introduced in October 1998 as a special unit to handle violence against the vulnerable.

Assigned a new name to Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit in 2005, is composed of police personnel with offices in all regional capitals and desks in the majority of districts in Ghana.













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