More Than 60 Communities In North Tongu To Get Electricity


Story: Korbla Kwawukume, Gbagbawuinu

More than sixty (60) communities in the North Tongu District of the Volta Region are being connected to the national electricity grid under the government’s rural electrification project. District Chief Executive (DCE) for the area, Richard Collins Arku disclosed this in an interview with the Herald’s newspaper during a visit to some of the beneficiary communities to assess the extent of work being executed under the rural electrification expansion project.

Some of the beneficiary communities include Gbagbawuinu, Azagunorkope, Klamadaboe, Gbotorkope and Kesegakope. This is the first time residents of these typical rural communities will experience power supply in their lives since the constriction of the Akosombo Dam which has affected the economic livelihoods of most of the communities along the Volta Lake.

Currently, the planting of both high and low-tension poles alongside the fixing of the appropriate cables are on-going in the various communities. All the materials and equipment including step-down transformers have been supplied for the execution of the project.

Most residents in the various beneficiary communities are also undertaking a complete wiring of their houses and rooms including fixing of metre boards in readiness for the supply of free metres under the package. A number of residents the Herald newspaper spoke to, were extremely happy that electricity would hit their homes for the first time in their lives.

The Headman of Torgorme-Azagunorkope, Prosper Azagunor told the Herald newspaper in an interview that members of the community can now heave a sigh of relieve having seen efforts being made by government to connect the community to the national grid. He recounted several unsuccessful efforts the community made in the past ten years to get electricity, saying the present DCE for the area and the Assembly must be commended for their commitment to addressing the pressing needs of the people in the district.

An Opinion Leader at Battor-Gbagbawuinu, Ben Aforklenu as well as an elder at the Dorfor-Asimekope, Kosi Azieve described the extension of power to their communities as a dream come true. According to them, the connection of their communities to the national electricity grid would have a major positive imopact on their lves.

District Chief Executive (DCE) for the area, Richard Collins Arku told the Herald newspaper that the Assembly is considering the provision of streetlights across all the beneficiary communities in the district in order to improve security in the district as a whole. He was grateful to the Ministry of Energy for the support which has culminated in this achievement.

Mr. Arku used the occasion to remind the members of such beneficiarycommunities not to pay any money to anybody under any circumstance for the power as was the situation sometime back. According to him, the project is free including the provision of metres. The DCE urged the residents to wire their homes and rooms in order to benefit from free metre supply when work is completed.

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