More Revelation On Akpaloo’s Cooked US$2 Million Energy Contract Out



It has emerged that, leader of one-man Independent People’s Party (IPP), Percival Kofi Akpaloo, is having difficulty executing the US$2 million energy contract awarded him and his wife; Delvine Akpaloo by the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).

The almost $2 million contract, mentioned as one of several last minutes contracts awarded to cronies of the Akufo-Addo government on September 14, 2018, is yet to be undertaken because the couple don’t have the financial muscle to execute it, and also banks that were relied on by Mr and Mrs. Akpaloo, are refusing to release the money, according to The Herald’s contact at the ECG.

What is strange about this contract is the suppliers were allegedly shown where in China, they could purchase their electrical products.

ECG, were said to have been given Mr Akpaloo’s Kevin Platinum Doveeg Limited and the other companies, Kukun Import and Export Limited, as the China-based supplier they should buy from.

The story is no different with the many others, who were also awarded similar contracts before ECG was handed to Power Distribution Service (PDS) last month. Insiders say, the other beneficiaries of the huge contract, are also finding it difficult raising the necessary funds to execute the contract.

Mr Akpaloo and his wife, won the US$1, 919, 750.82 contract, with their Kevin Platinum Doveeg Limited. The company was registered on July 14, 2017 and per the contract,they are expected to supply distribution materials under the Intensification Project Package F-lot 1.

ECG, had also directed Mr Akpaloo and the other companies, to purchase the items from their preferred companies in faraway China.

This directive has raised eye brows as insiders are citing underhand dealings by these top ECG officials, to get their cuts from these companies from China.

It is unclear why the Ghanaian banks are refusing to assist the couple with the funds but The Herald check shows that the Akpaloos have no experience in the area they are venturing into especially so as it appears they just hurriedly formed the company because of this specific ECG contract having backed the NPP in the last elections.

Indeed, per the document available to this paper covering the formation of Kevin Platinum Doveeg Limited, nowhere did it mention supply of electrical products as one of its objectives.

Details from the documents indicate that the company was formed to engage in oil and gas services and exploration, building and road construction, property and facilities management.

Additional information from the Registrar General’s Department, shows that while the 48-year old businessman cum politician owns 500 shares in Kevin Platinum Doveeg Limited, his wife Delvin, equally owns 500 shares. They are also the sole directors of the company.

Akpaloo, has in recent times supported the Akufo-Addo government in many policy initiatives and many are beginning to see his posturing as heavily influenced by the US$2 Million supply contracts from the ECG now PDS.

The contract, which was signed byProcurement Director at ECG, Ing. Jacqueline Ofori-Atta, said in parts “This is to notify you that following evaluation of your recent offer for execution of the above contract, the Electricity Company of Ghana is pleased to award you that contract for the supply of Distribution Materials under the Intensification Project Package F-Lot 1 for a total amount of One Million, Nine Hundred and Nineteen Thousand, Seven Hundred and Fifty United States Dollars, Eighty –Two Cents (US$1, 919, 750.82) is hereby accepted”.

It is unclear, if Ing. Ofori-Atta, is related to the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta, who is the cousin of the President.

The Herald cannot confirm whether the Procurement Director, is one of the family members of President Akufo-Addo, who has been given several positions in his government to family members and friends, leading to his administration being mocked as the most nepostic administration of all time.

The four paragraph contract said, the notification of the award will constitute the formation contract. “However, until and unless you furnish the Performance Security of 5percent of contract price and send it to us within fourteen (14) days of the receipt of this Notification of Award the Contract shall not be deemed as active.

You are hereby instructed to proceed with the fulfillment of performance Security and Signing of Contract within fourteen ((14) days of this letter. Failure to comply with the fulfillment of Performance Security and Signing of Contract within the time will constitute the failure of formation of contract and forfeiture of Tender Security”.

Writing on the letterhead of ECG’s Electro-Volta House, the contract letter in conclusion said “You are hereby instructed to proceed with the necessary action for the execution of the said procurement in accordance with the Tender and Contract documents”.

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