More Heads To Roll At Flagstaff House

Ministerial Reshuffle Also Imminent….

The Herald’s impeccable sources at The Flagstaff House, have told the paper that the much-awaited changes at the seat of government, which was announced through the famous “Green Letter”, have finally started taking shape, with the non-renewal of the contracts of two appointees of President John Dramani Mahama.

A statement signed by the Chief of Staff, Prosper Douglas Bani, has formally announced that Ben Dotse Malor, has concluded his one-year contract as Communications Adviser at the Flagstaff House, while Cabinet Secretary, Roger Angsomwine, has been asked to act as Secretary to the President, after Raymond Atuguba, also concluded his two-year contract.

The statement said until further notice, the Minister for Communications, Dr. Omane Boamah, would now serve as Spokesperson for the President.

Indeed, the statement said, “these changes are part of changes which will be taking place at the Flagstaff House over the next few days.”

Other sources have also told The Herald that lot of powerful men are expected to leave The Flagstaff House, within the coming days. Insiders say, team work had broken down among most of the President’s men, with lots of them not on talking terms.

Ironically, their boss, the President, is a man who will smile, wine and dine with the devil to get the job done.

Meanwhile, The Herald is also informed about changes at various ministerial portfolios. President Mahama, is in the middle of his first term, and has less than two years to showcase his achievements to Ghanaians in the face of a disjointed, but marauding opposition political party, which is employing all manner of tricks, to win votes. The ministerial changes are said to be long overdue.

Roger Angsomwine, who replaces Dr. Raymond Atuguba, is said to be a highly-respected career civil servant. He had diligently served as Secretary to the late Alhaji Aliu Mahama, when he was Vice-President, many schemed to have him removed, but his acumen and diligence won their hearts later.

Dr. Atuguba, who was the Executive Secretary to President Mahama, returns to the University of Ghana (UG) at the end of a two-year sabbatical leave. He is presently said to be out of the country.

Mr. Malor, on the other hand, has been on a one-year contract, which began in January of 2014, when he joined the Flagstaff House Communications Bureau, as an Adviser and Spokesperson for the President.

Having completed the term of the contract, Mr. Malor is returning to the UN, from where he had taken a one-year leave of absence.

The argument on the revered ex-BBC broadcaster, has been that he has stayed out of the country for a very long time, hence appears detached from the politics, as well as using the appropriate political language to drum home the President’s massage.

Chief of Staff, Prosper Douglas Bani’s statement said, the Flagstaff House Communications Bureau, would still be responsible for all other communications, operations, and functions of the Presidency.

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