More Financial Rot Uncovered At Awutu Senya


…Municipal Development Cash Used For Ramadan Party and Curtains

By Alfred K Dogbey

The Herald has intercepted yet another stinking document from the Kasoa Awutu-Senya East Municipal Assembly in the Central Region, revealing how a whopping GH¢98, 620.74, close to ¢1billion old cedis of Ghanaians tax payer’s money, given to the assembly for development, was lavishly spent on observing of the month of Ramadan, clearing of refuse, curtains and rent.

The money, known as “Seed Money” for development of the newly created municipality was recklessly spent on “Rice for Muslim’s Ramadan, so-called ‘Presidential visits, office curtains, evacuation of refuse and Meeting with Staff and Lawyer”.

Meanwhile, this paper is informed that operatives of the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI), have stormed the Awutu-Senya East Municipal Assembly, scanning through files and computers to ascertain the extent of the financial rot, which is denying residents needed developments.

Out of the ¢1billion “Seed Money”, “rent for office accommodation” alone cost GH¢44, 000.00 and paid to one Bennet Orleans A Ashun whilst GH¢5, 720.00 was given to one Alexander Amoah as “Rent Advance”.

It is, however, still not clear what the two cheques quoted above issued on the same date, August 29, 2012 to different recipients, was intended for, as they seem to be meant for the same purpose.

Among other things, The Herald also discovered that GH¢7, 200 (¢72million old cedis) was also spent on Rice for Muslim’s Ramadan, GH¢4,660.00 for President’s Visit and GH¢ 2, 29.00 for Meeting with Staff and Lawyer.

A certain Duglas Osie Yebah –“the Asst. Director 2B” received two payments – Rice for Muslim’s Ramadan and President’s Visit. However, the supposed “Presidential Visit” is raising some eyebrows as The Herald was told President John Mahama, only briefly visited the municipality to inspect an ongoing project and left. But those who collected the money insist it was used to sort out journalists, who were on the president entourage.

Another shocking thing is the huge cash blown on ordinary curtains by the officers. A sum of GH¢10, 417.74, the equivalent of ¢104 million was spent, while GH¢11, 450.00 was dolled-out to Despa Construction and Krishom Enterprise as payment of “evacuation of refuse at Old Market and Kasoa Iron City”.

All these above mentioned embezzlements took place just within two months, from August 29, 2012 to October 23, 2012.

The shocking expenditures occurred under the watch of Adams Nuhu, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Musa Yahaya Froko, the Municipal Co-ordinating Director and John Ohene-Owusu, the Municipal Finance Officer.

The Herald is meanwhile, informed that the three powerful individuals are aggressively witch-hunting for whoever might have leaked details of the shocking expenditures.

The Co-ordinating Director and the Finance Officer, are said to be good friends of Mr. Adams Nuhu. The three were said to have in the past worked at Awutu Senya Assembly and moved to head the newly created Awutu-Senya Awutu-Senya East Municipal Assembly, when it was created last year.

Also realized was that majority of the assembly’s contracts have mostly been awarded to either Obaa Yaa Construction Ltd, Despa Construction, Krishom Enterprise or the Municipal Environmental Officer.

Apart from a certain woman believed to be owner of the Obaa Yaa Construction Ltd, who scarcely visits the assembly, other title-holders of the companies are still not known by the staff, except the three most powerful bosses.

However, The Herald discovered a certain Jacob Mensah Appiah, who takes payments for ObaaYaa Construction Ltd as the same person who has been taking payments for Despa Construction, Krishom Enterprise. Meaning that the companies are owned by the same person or a group of individuals, but the contracts are dished to them on piecemeal basis to execute.

It is still not clear whether or not the same Jacob Mensah Appiah, is the owner of all the three companies.

Between the periods of August 12, to December 12, 2012 alone, close to a shocking ¢1.4billion payments were made to the said Jacob Mensah Appiah in the name of the above mentioned three companies.

There were also certain payments that were made without the approval of the Assembly, yet the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Adams Nuhu authorized payment.

A couple of weeks ago, The Herald intercepted an internal report about the same municipal assembly which has been kept under top cover from external auditors.

The report titled “Quarterly Internal Audit Report on Expenditure for the Period June 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012” conducted on the administration of the MCE, Adams Nuhu.

Among other things, the report discovered “duplicate cheque numbers and dates, unplanned expenditures, unapproved payments, no receipts/ no improper receipts, no memos attached to Payment Vouchers (PVs), items not routed through store issues, understatement of Revenue collected by REVSOL” including other scandalous discoveries.

Another document also cited by The Herald titled “No Name On Disbursement Form – Why Should Bank Pay?” revealed huge amount of payments were made to companies by the municipality, without names of recipients on the disbursement form.

The report captured that some contractors and suppliers such as Despa Construction, Municipal Environmental Officer, Municipal Road Engineer, Krishom Enterprise, Obaa Yaa Construction Ltd among other names and companies who does jobs for the assembly “falsified” signatures to withdraw heavy cash from the Assembly’s coffers.

According to the report, “the trend has emerged that payments to some particular persons, do not write their names when they sign for cheques collected from the finance office e.g. Despa, Krishom, ObaaYaa, Municipal Environmental Officer and Municipal Road Engineer”.

The findings of the report also pointed to “different names on PV and on bank statement” and asked “why make payments to assistant director 2B and not MCD who is the Spending Officer?”

For now, uneasy calm is said to be at the Assembly, when personnel of BNI and some officials from the Regional Coordinating Council (RCC) – Cape Coast have stormed the assembly to inquire about the damning activities ongoing.

The BNI, according to sources, have asked the Assembly to produce the owners of the three companies mentioned in the report for interrogation.

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