More Facts On “Cocaine Angel” Exposed


The Herald’s trails into the arrest of the Ghanaian lady, who was busted by the UK authorities for sending cocaine worth US$5 million, continue to reveal very interesting details about the woman, who is assuming an unpleasant tribute as “The Cocaine Angel”.

The lady, who is being held in the custody of the UK Scotland Yard, under the name, Nayeli Ametefeh, but has Ruby Appiah, as her real name and also uses Ruby Adu-Gyenfi, according to friends, will do anything, including consulting shrines for super natural powers and also trading her precious body parts to have her way.

Ruby Appiah, is a mother of three. She was once married to a Kumasi-based very popular vehicle Spare Parts dealer called Addae. She is said to have changed her looks through plastic surgery to her whole body by altering her face, hips, belly and other parts, making her appear younger, light skinned and sexy.

Ruby and Addae, lived in a suburb of Kumasi Metropolis called Kwadaso Estates in the Ashanti Region. But she is said to have left Addae for no explicably reason and relocated to Accra and lived in Dzorwulu on the same street as the Aphrodisiac Night Club. Ruby was later seen driving a Porsche Cayenne registered; “Angel 1”.

Ruby Appiah, also operated an electrical shop at Dzorwulu in Accra called Night Angels, where she sells electric bulbs and chandeliers; a decorative ceiling-mounted light fixture. The bulb shop was a cover job for what she truly does for a living.

Night Angels is adjacent Relax Court Hotel and top of the UBA Bank, off the Achimota-Tetteh Quashie side of the N1 Highway.

Indeed, The Herald is informed that Maxwell Kofi Jumah, onetime New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament (MP) for Asokwa in Kumasi, has been boasting about knowing Ruby and Addae very well.

“The Cocaine Angel” , has had a couple of brushes with the law in abroad, including been arrested in Holland, over a drug related issue once.

Close friends of Ruby told The Herald that apart from the Ghanaian passport, she holds a German and an Austrian Passports.

This paper was also told about her romantic connections to a prominent Nigerian business mogul (name withheld), who owns a private jet and lots of manufacturing companies dotted across the West African sub-region.

She has a very lavish lifestyle and will like to be noticed every where she went. In fact, The Herald has about two videos of her, dancing to loud music in a well furnish room, as well as showing her luxurious watches to a male friend, while drinking what appeared to be an expensive drink.

Sometime, in 2009, The Herald is informed that “The Cocaine Angel”, came to the notice of Ghana’s Narcotic Control Board (NACOB) as someone dealing in drugs and has recruited couriers, who carried drugs abroad.

NARCOB, therefore, declared her wanted by causing her pictures to be published in some newspapers. Ruby Appiah, alias Ruby Adu-Gyenfi, alias Nayeli Ametefeh, went underground for years and surfaced later with a new look; having gone through plastic surgery to disguise herself.

The plastic surgery, enabled her to change her name and acquire a different passport, bearing Nayeli Ametefeh, suggesting she was an Ewe from the Volta Region.

“The Cocaine Angel”, in her application form for the Ghanaian passport, sighted by The Herald, stated her occupation as a trader and gave her phone number as 0204779130, with her address as Dzorwulu, Accra.

Her mother’s name was given as Grace Ametefeh, with the phone number 0244508259, and the father was mentioned in the application form as Akwasi Tawaah, who uses phone number 0244508260.

Those who guaranteed the form for her were; Kwame Atta and Patrick Amankwah.
Interestingly, the two guarantors, have the same phone number; 0201578390.

One Emmanuel Acheampong, Deputy Chief Technical Officer of Lands Commission who uses 0208915284, witnessed the passport acquisition form for Ruby.
More to come!

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