There Is Moral Breakdown In Society


– Rev. Frimpong Manso

By Alfred K. Dogbey

Reverend Dr Paul Frimpong Manso, General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God Church, Ghana, has expressed deep concerned over the “breakdown of morals” in the society and called on Christian leaders, as well as, elders in the society to rise against the worrying impediment.

The growing immorality, according to Rev. Frimpong Manso, if not checked and addressed early, could cause the nation to lose it cherished and enviable cultural values.

Rev. Frimpong Manso said, unlike the past where telephone was very difficult to get and Christians were also in control of schools and maintaining discipline in learning and education, the situation is no more the same today.

He said the present generations now have access to internets facilities and the social media, satellite televisions and the worst, mobile phones they have update information on immoral acts which they circulate anytime to the innocent ones.

He was speaking in an exclusive interview with The Herald last Sunday, October 13, after an inspiring sermon at the Faith Chapel of Assemblies of God, McCarthy Hill branch.

According to the renowned man of God, society has put God and morality behind, but pays serious attention to what they are seeing in the music. He bemoaned the lyrics in some songs which he said, are unacceptable and inappropriate for children and the youth’s consumption.

The respected and calm man of God also blamed essentially parents for not paying proper attention to their children, but rather “chasing money”.
He said, “parents are now chasing money. Some parents have sacrificed the training of their children with money; they wake up early in the money and comes home late in the evening and do not have or get time for the children” that have being the basis of falling standard of morality.

On the issue of corruption, the Assemblies of God CEO said, “there is too much corruption, greediness and other things in the society” that people are copying and which is contributing to general break down of decadence and moral in the humanity.

He, however, advised leaders of authority principally pastors to “live by example and be embodiment of morality and integrity” in the society for others to look up to.

Dr. Frimpong Manso noted that as men of God, “we must learn to preach the truth without apologies” adding “some of us have compromised the gospel” and that, as men of God, “we must preach about holiness and against greediness”.

He told The Herald that nowadays some people’s aim of going to church is for material things rather than for God and urged Christian leaders to tell them seek the kingdom of God and righteousness.

Meanwhile, Senior Pastor of the church, Rev. Ben Newlife Zotoo has commended Ghanaians for accepting and living in peace with the judgement delivered on the just ended Election Petition by the Supreme Court.

Rev. Zotoo said the commitment to peace demonstrated by both Ghanaians and the two leading political parties involved in the election petition indicates God’s abundant blessing and mercy for this nation.

He said “both petitioners and the respondents in the case must be commended for waiting patiently during the period of the petition until the verdict was read”.

Rev. Zotoo concluded by calling on the people of Ghana, the Christian community, the Muslim community and all other religious bodies not rest or relent in their prayers and efforts to maintain peace but to continue to pray for God’s mercy and favour for the country as the most important pledge to seek national unity and cohesion.

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