Mohammed VI Foundation Organizes Qur’anic Competition


By Muhammed Faisel Mustapha

As part of efforts to encourage many Muslim youth into Qur’anic memorization in Africa and the World at large, Mohammed VI Foundation for African Oulema (Scholars) – Ghana Branch, has organized its first annual branch Quran competition to select qualified candidate to participate in the grand finale to be held in the kingdom of Morocco during the month of Ramadan.

Outlining the importance of Qur’anic memorization to mental development of the young ones, the Secretary of  the foundation, Sheikh Abdul Basir Alhassan, stated that the Quran is regarded in several dimension as a constitution which serve as a sign post to life that guide and draw Muslims closer to God.

He added that, Quran is also a tool that soothe psychological problems and a proven tool for mental development of children, as well as young kids that start their early lessons with Qur’anic memorization.

The Quran memorization, he said sharpens the children intellect and boost their mental capacity to understand and excel in other fields of studies.

This according to him, has compel many young men and women to take computer science as a field of study after committing Quran into memory.

Sheikh Alhassan, revealed that the annual Qur’anic memorization competition for young Quran memorizers, is organized in member countries across Africa.

He said, two best candidates will be selected with one for full Quran citation and the other for some parts of the Quran to represent Ghana in a grand finale of the competition which will take place in the coming month of Ramadan in the Royal Kingdom of Morocco.

In all Nineteen (19) contestants from various regions across the country, participated in the competition.

The overall winner was Muslim Ahmed Sherifudeen, who had 39.3 points with Mahamoud Mohammed Mahamoud, who had 39 points to occupy the second position.


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