Mohammed VI Foundation Of Morocco Inaugurates Ghana Branch


By Muhammed Faisel Mustapha

Mohammed VI Foundation for African Ulema (Islamic Scholars), has over the weekend inaugurated it Ghana branch in Accra with the theme: “Common Religious Grounds To Promote the Values of Peace And Tolerance”.

The foundation is aimed at unifying and coordinating the efforts of Muslim Scholars in

Morocco and other African countries, as well as promote, disseminate and consolidate the values of tolerance in Islam.

The Foundation, also seeks to promote exchange of opinions among the scholars of the continent and develop knowledge based on dialogue.

Addressing the participants, the Chairman of the foundation (Ghana branch), Sheikh Mustapha Ibrahim, stated that the foundation promotes religious tolerance in Africa- by supervising the intellectual, scientific and cultural activities related to lslam.

He added that, the foundation also consolidate historic relations between Morocco and other

African countries, to ensure their collective development.

He said, Mohammed VI Foundation, also works towards the establishment of centers and religious institutions, the scientific and cultural revitalization of the African common lslamic cultural heritage by raising awareness about it and working to its conservation and safeguard, while establishing working relations with

Associations, and bodies with similar aims and objective.

The Mohammed VI Foundation in its existence in Ghana, has in diverse ways supported Muslim Scholars and has organized many Qur’anic citation competitions, as well as supported the needy within the Muslim communities.

The foundation last month, organized it annual Qur’an citation competition to select the best Qur’an memorizers in Ghana to participate in the forthcoming grand finale of its annual competition to be held in Morocco during the month of Ramadan.

Dr. Rabiatu Amarh, a Senior Lecturer at the Department for the Study of Religions, stated that Muslims are related with people with interfaith and have live in peace with others.

This she called on Muslims, not to take the peace Ghanaians are  enjoying for granted, adding that Islam stands for peace hence the need for Muslims to emulate it by their deeds and a manner which they relate to others.

“It is the duty for every Muslim to promote peace, to say Peace be unto someone means your actions and deeds must in peace.

On his part, the Chairman of the National Peace Council, Rev. Emmanuel Asante, appealed to the members of the foundation, to work in the interest of the foundation for it to serve it purpose in promoting peace for Ghana to become a place where everybody can do business.

He called on the Islamic Scholars, to use their platforms to campaign against political vigilantism, which is common in the country.

The youth, he said are engaged in the act, but they are been motivated by elderly people, hence the need for the Scholars to intervene.


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