Mohammed Amin Lamptey Should Give Us A Break; The Only Enemy To Marwako Is Marwako

The lame and unpardonable defense puts up by the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of Marwako Restaurant, should not suffice at this times, when the nation is awash with reports of the alarming rates of expatriates mistreating their employees.

As an employer, you have the power to hire and fire, when an employee is not meeting the terms of the contract regarding their employment, but even that, must be done in accordance with labour laws.

No amount of provocation should drive an employer to put pepper in the eyes of his or her employee, as alleged to have happened to the young lady at Marwako.

As a nation, we should be alarmed that, there is widespread maltreatment of Ghanaians by non-Ghanaians, who are brazing the odds to irk a living for themselves and their families.

In South Africa, the beast of Xenophobia is being unleashed on our brothers and sisters, in our own country; we are also being treated like second class citizens. We call for urgent action on the part of the authorities to check this unwholesome trend.

The accounts of some people, who have had to endure inhumane treatment from their employees, present pictures of an ugly development that is fast taking a national dimension.

The psychological trauma, victims of work place abuses go through, can only best be imagined. We hear stories of our young ladies, who travel to the Middle East to work as house helps go through.

Evelyn Boakye’s story, has provided us with a unique opportunity to say enough is enough and it is time to tell businessmen and women to respect the laws and the people of this country.

Mohammed Amin Lamptey, should help the company by keeping quiet, but if he wishes to be heard, he should sound apologetic and not try to rub it in further.

His attempt to defend the company on TV3 Tuesday night was simply a useless one. He sounded as if he was not briefed on the matter, but just listened to bit and pieces in the media and went to town with it.

To suggest that, their competitors are behind the story and that it is aimed at bringing the name of Marwako into disrepute, is not how a P.R.O speaks. His claim that the issue was settled when the incident happened and so he does not understand why after the victim went home, she decided to go public is neither here nor there.

The issue might have been settled somehow, but upon sober reflection, she thinks otherwise. What if she decided to remain quiet at the time you thought you settled it, so that you don’t do something more dangerous to her?

We are compelled to point out that enough is not being done to avert occurrences such as happened to Miss Boakye.

If seriousness had been attached to previous incidents where an expatriate reportedly spat in drinking water and asked the Ghanaian workers to drink or the one that reportedly chained another Ghanaian as a punishment, we wouldn’t be here.

The perpetrators are not perturbed by the probability of being caught in the process and so they treat their employees with impunity. The floored argument by the company’s lawyer that the accused is a Ghanaian and that the company too is Ghanaian, is pointless.

What about the poor victim, is she not a Ghanaian too? How many of these cases have gone unreported? In fact, we don’t care if the victim is Ghanaian or the accused is, all we are asking for is that the authorities, especially the Police, must ensure that justice is served.

The effort to save the dignity of the citizenry must be comprehensive and total. Those of us at The Herald, stand with Miss Evelyn Boakye.






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