Mobile Telephony; A blessing or a Curse.


Just last week, the front Desk Executive of a leading telecommunications company in Ghana was given an indefinite suspension because she ascribed more relevance to her phone than an “Unknown man”. The man walked in to the reception and requested for information. Close to forty-five seconds, the lady’s head remained fixed onto her phone, giggling (probably replying to someone’s message). By the time she lifted her head, the man was gone. Gone! Before the day ended, she received a letter of indefinite suspension for disregard. And like this lady, a lot of people in the formal and informal sector keep people on wait to attend to their phones. Who knows the next problem paying too much attention to your phones during working hours will cause?

According to a recent survey by Career builder, 88percent of employees have smart phones, and 77percent of them keep their phones within reach at work.

Mobile telephony which can also be referred to as “mobile phones” is a major gadget used to facilitate communication in Ghana. All that one needs to do is to purchase the gadget an get a SIM card to be able to connect with other users.

In most recent times, there have been open debates on the impact of using mobile phones on the productivity of Ghana, most especially when almost every public institution is inundated with stakeholders using mobile phones during working hours. Although some would want to argue that the use of mobile phones during working hours facilitate effective communication, it is coupled with lots of demerits. We won’t be far from right to state that I’m most circumstances, the negatives outweigh the positives. We can make mention of the patients’ conditions worsening because Nurses were attending to their phones; exploring social media among others.

One may ask, how is mobile phone usage negatively affecting productivity?

They serve as the biggest source of distraction. Our phones demand attention and as such break the flow of uninterrupted concentration. We will steal a couple of seconds here and there to check for a new message and notifications; which will definitely be attended to once there is any. Research also reveals that “it takes the average person about four minutes to pick up exactly where they were”

There is a growing concern that organizations should enforce distinct and specific social media usage regulations at the workplace.

“Phones are a double-edged sword. They are the quicker way to look something up yet also the largest possible distraction that is constantly available”

To facilitate productivity at various workplaces, the thin line between the use of mobile telephony and productivity, must be drawn.

Abigail Amoah


Level 300

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