MMT Workers Must Exercise Restraint


The President in his usual tactful and timeous wisdom has dissolved the Board of the Metro Mass Transit (MMT) and has asked both the Managing Director (MD) and his Deputy to step aside, whiles investigations continue into the allegations raised by the workers, which necessitated the strike action last Monday.

We have all wished that the strike actions that characterized last year, will not find expression this year, unfortunately, we were wrong as we had barely eased into 2015, when workers of the MMT, became the first to declare a strike action.

It was a record that was highly unnecessary and uncalled for. Workers everywhere have the right to ask for better conditions of services, but that call should be situated within the general performance of an organization.

The government is trying hard to breadth back life into the ailing company, whose initial buses bought had no parts anywhere to fix them, when they broke down, for which reason a lot were auctioned as scrap.

What was also disturbing and ridiculous, was the irrationality on the part of the workers to be defending the MD and blaming everything happening at the door step of the Board Chairman and the Deputy MD.

Their intentions easily gave away what was going on at the company. What happened last week was not in the interest of the company, but that of an individual.
We are not saying workers must go on strike, but it should be done in the interest of the generality of the company, in this instance including the passengers who patronize the services of MMT.

If the company is not doing well as it should be, it is not solely the responsibility of the Deputy MD or the Board Chairman, but the workers as whole.
If they are not part of the problem, they can never be part of the solution.

Workers are usually quick to embark on strike with various demands especially better and improved conditions of service, without thinking that when the company post profit stays afloat, it is only then that the company will be able to meet their demands.

It is high time their employers, in this case, the government begins to demand a little more from these employees, who think the only way to address their grievances is to embark on a strike actions.

We think a proper job evaluation and Job analysis of the individual workers must be done to assess their performance Vis-a- Vis, where the company is today.

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