MMDCEs Vetting Committee Must Sit Up


The nationwide rejection of the President’s nominees for the position Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs) is a worrisome trend which needs to be looked at.

The apparent lack of consultation and selfishness on the part of some individuals is what has left some Districts without District Chief Executives (DCEs), nine months after the President took the oath of office.

It is true that some of the nominees are unknown to the party and the grassroots. It is also true that some of the re-nominated MMDCEs have baggage’s from their previous administration, but that should not warrant the kind of agitations that is characterized their renomination.

We at The Herald don’t believe these are the main cause of the nationwide rejections.

Firstly, it is from petty party politics and internal jealousy. Some supporters of aspirants who are not nominated move heaven and earth to cause hell for the one nominated. They do this by contracting friends who are Assembly Members to reject the nominee.

Also the party’s reluctance to support party members who contest District Assembly elections is also to blame; the party should be interested in supporting members who put themselves up for elections.

In Sunyani in 2012, when the National Democratic Congress (NDC), held its National Delegates Congress to elect its flagbearer for the 2012 elections, the General Secretary, Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, alias General Mosquito, said that the media had painted a picture which seem to suggest that most of the people who won the District Level elections were members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Recent events seem to vindicate the position of the media, except to say there is no scientific proof to that.

In Assemblies where most of the Members are NPP, you should be sure that the nominee will face problems.

In an era where Assembly Members, demand money from nominees before they endorse them, you should be sure members sympathetic to the NPP will demand more and failure to pay will mean you don’t get endorsed.

The Committee, set up by the President to interview aspirants, should do a lot of background checks, before advising the President on who to nominate, so that going forward we do not find ourselves in this quagmire.

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