MMDAs, Police Must Act On These Lawlessnes


In the course of last week, there was a news item on one of the local television stations, where some miscreants and societal misfits after smoking wee and getting high, decided that the best place for them to attend to natures call, was the classrooms of a local school in Sapeiman, a peri -urban area near Accra.

By the way this is happening in the Greater Accra Region, a region that is supposed to host the capital city of Ghana.

Whiles the youth of other countries, have found better use of their strength and brains, some of us here, choose to use ours to destroy the future of the younger ones.

In the 21st century, and with the benefit of technology, it will seem that, we should be developing both the physical structure and mind, but no, we are rather retrogressing in both.

It will be foolhardy on the part of anybody to think that, we can completely eradicate wee smoking, even though is illegal, must it be smoked with impunity and accompanied by uncivilized behavior?

School children go to school in the morning and their first lesson or morning devotion is to collect the faeces of grown up men, who choose to behave irresponsibly.

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has indicated that starting from July this year, churches, that use classroom for Church service, will be banned.

That is a laudable idea, but is one leg of the problem, they should add in their effort the fencing of all public schools within their jurisdiction.

The police in the communities, where adults are refusing to grow-up, must intensify their patrols, at the least, we can identify those communities and either augment police presence or encourage the setting up of community watch dog committee.

It is very shameful, watching pictures and seeing kids collecting faeces of adults, those school children, for the rest of that day, won’t have the peace of mind to study, it would be ingrained in their minds that nothing else could enter.

The day or week is as good as wasted.

We cannot toy with the future of these kids, who are going to compete with their counterparts from other parts of the world.

Education is declining, not only because of inadequate funding; the reason could also be the absence of serene atmosphere for the promotion of teaching and learning.

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