Mismanagement Killing Trade Fair Company


…Electricity And Water Disconnected For Months

By Cecil Mensah

Clients and customers of the Trade Fair Company Limited, are running out of the Trade Fair Site’s rental facilities, as if the site has been hit by a wild fire.

The once vibrant site, well known for the organization of trade activities in the West African sub-region, and also serving as amusement centre for holidaymakers and school children across the country, is gradually dying.

The Herald has leant that, the fast movement of clients out of their rented facilities, is as a result of poor management of the company by the board of directors and Acting Chief Executive, Dr E.E. Opkoti, leading to the disconnection of it electricity and water supplies.

The once vibrant market place, where one could purchase anything that can be sold, is now in ruins. It might shockingly be shutdown, if the trend continues.

Interestingly, those in the helm of affairs, despite renting out the various parts of the facilities and collecting huge sums of cash, are unable to raise funds to pay for services rendered the site, including utility bills and weeding the site to keep away dangerous reptiles and insects, like snakes and scorpion.

Ironically, the company has its mission statement as “We Help Grow Your Business”.

When The Herald visited the one hundred and twenty acres site of the company, it looks more like an abandoned cemetery and unkempt, as the grass in the lawn are withering away. The huge water fountain, which acted more like a swimming pool for patrons, especially school children is no longer in operations. It is now filled with massive dirt.

Reports are that the company owes Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) and Ghana Water and Sewage Company (GWSC) several hundreds of thousands of Ghana Cedis over the years, even though aside collecting rent, also takes facility user fees and utility bills from the tenants and clients.

The place has been pitch-dark in the night for almost two months now.

Aside these, the company also make money from its conference room and pavilions that are hired out to clients and event organizers, who are willing to host their prorgrammes at the site, which houses among other institutions branches of Commercial Banks, as well as the Ghana Association of Industries (AGI).

The disconnection, has created a massive inconvenience to tenants and clients of the company.

On the Trade Fair Board as director, is the paramount Chief of La, Nii Kpobi Tetteh-Tsuru.

The Herald, has meanwhile intercepted a letter dated May 22, 2015, and widely circulated to “All Tenants”.

It reads: “Dear Sir /Madam headlined Meeting with Tenants and reads Management of Ghana Trade Fair Company would like to meet all tenants on Tuesday May 26, 2015 on the corridor of the main Auditorium at 2PM”.

The agenda reads: electricity issues and any other business.

It appealed to all to endeavour to attend. It was signed by the Dr. E. E Okpoti Koney.

Details of the meeting are not yet out, and the tenants are still operating their businesses in the darkness with the water and drinks being served un-chilled.

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