Miracle Water Recives Mad-Rush Patronage at Asante Akim South


The mad rush by a scores of Ghanaians for their share of mechanized miraculous water, located at Adomfe, a farming community in the Asante Akim South District, which according to report is endowed with a high amount of medicinal qualities is sky rocketing.

People from several parts of the country, and even beyond, according to reports are paying explosive patronage, irrespective of the cost and risk involved to this newly discovered amazing borehole hard water.

With all eagerness, people daily arrive at the hard water site in cars, packed with gallons to fill them up, convey them to their various destinations and administer them to the sick, who with time recover from their respective ailment, after drinking the water.

All manner of ailment, including stroke, malaria, asthma, sexual weakness, gonorrhea, typhoid fever, high blood pressure, piles, diabetes, skin rashes, jaundice, and a host of other ailment, on the account of the residents, have been cured, hence the high patronage.

Apart from Saudi Arabia and Israel, ADOMFE community of Ghana, according to reports is the only place where such hard water, can be found and a miraculous fact about this mysterious water is that, it never runs out, neither does it dry up, no matter how severe the harmattan season becomes.

According to a laboratory analysis conducted by the department of Theoretical and Applied Biology of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), the Adomfe borehole, is of good quality.

Sample tested, proved microbiologically safe for drinking and that it conforms to World Health Organization’s (WHO) guidelines and Ghana standard (GS) 175-1:2009 for drinking water quality parameters.

According to the report, signed by Prof KI. Obiri-Danso, who is a Food/Environmental Microbiologist, “the water’s high calcium (31.69mg/l) and water hardness (44.72mg/L)content could be a contributory factor, as both are known to play a role in neuromuscular excitability and also prevent cardiovascular diseases”.

In an exclusive interview with this paper, the Chief for Adomfe community, Nana Adjei Adomfe II, announced that the presence of the hard water in Ghana, was a clear blessing from God, since Ghana was the only country among the above mentioned , where it could be found.

Ghanaians he challenged, should come in their numbers and seize this opportunity, since it serves as the nation’s alternative source of healing the sick.

Nana Adjei Adomfe II, who is a living testimony himself, announced to have gained his full recovery from a severe stroke, after he took the water.

All medical attempts to cure him from the sickness proved futile, until one night when he was directed by the gods of the land in a dream to drink some of the hard water so he can recover from the ailment.

Apart from its medicinal properties, it has lifted the image of the community and that proceeds from the sale of the hard water, has helped in developing the area.

Proceeds, has facilitated the construction of an ultra modern 14 seater lavatory, helped in the renovation of a Roman basic school, the construction of a mechanized borehole for a clinic in the community, and the connection of water to the teachers bungalow.

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