Minority’s comments on Bimbilla hypocritical – late chief’s family


The family of the late Naa Salifu Dawuni, has reacted to a press statement by the Minority in Parliament alleging that government officials are meddling in the Bimbilla chieftaincy issue.

The statement described the National Democratic Congress (NDC), which the minority represents as rather hypocritical and scandalous.

The statement further accused the previous NDC government as being responsible for the chieftaincy disputes in the Nanung traditional area.

The Naa Salifu family in their statement, also commended the NPP government for the bold decision taken to give the late chief a befitting burial.

Ahead of the burial, the NDC minority had suggested that tensions were high in the town, and that could renew the conflict there.

However, the burial took place peacefully under heavy security presence.

Read the full statement below.


The attention of the family of the Late Naa Salifu DAWUNI, has been drawn to a press conference addressed by Hon James AGALGA on behalf of the minority in Parliament in connection with the peaceful burial ceremony of the late Chief whose mortal remains has been put to rest after almost four years of detention at the Yendi mortuary by the previous NDC government, the minority represents.

It was our expectation as a family that the minority would have supported this very decisive and bold decision taken by NPP to restore the fundamental human rights of a very respected citizen of this country and nanung to a descent final resting place upon his demise about almost four years ago. Unfortunately and very sadly the very government who had the ultimate responsibility to guarantee the fundamental human right of every citizen of this country flatly and brazenly denied this nobleman this right, and yet have the impudence today,to accuse government officials of meddling in bimbilla chieftaincy issues.We consider it very hypocritical and scandalous and the Naa Salifu DAWUNI’S family takes very serious exception to this act of insensitivity of the minority who are the very architects of the fragile peace in nanung today they are hypocritically drawing government attention to protect.

This press conference by the minority confirms, the long held suspicion of the family that, all actions they took against the family while in government was deliberately orchestrated to make life unbearable for the family.

The family is committed to all necessary processes that will bring lasting peace to nanung, a kingdom that was known for its peace and tranquility among all the traditional areas in Ghana, due to its well structured leadership succession in the land,until this unfortunate and recent development in subverting the established order that has thrown the area into this chieftaincy turmoil.

We are therefore feeling very reluctant in raking the past. Otherwise He Hon AGALGA is fully aware that at the time the Ndc government declared Mr Andani Dassana as the overlord of nanung, and gave him a state burial as a paramount chief, The matter was in the court and there was a letter from the national house chiefs, instructing both  parties in the chieftaincy dispute not to hold themselves as Bimbilla Naa, since per their records there was no Paramount chief in the nanung traditional area.

So Hon AGALGA and the minority should spare us this hypocrisy and double standards.

We want to request that if the minority have nothing productive to contribute to or to support the present initiative of the NPP Government towards lasting peace in the area, they should spare us the agony of adding salt to our injuries. The family has suffered so much pain under the previous Ndc government, ranging from the denial of our fundamental right to a descent shelter, when we were instructed to halt the construction of a pavilion to shelter us from the vagueries of the weather, to the denial of our economic rights to livelihood when our supporters who are butchers were banned from practicing their trade to erk a living for themselves and their families.

All these actions were masterminded and orchestrated by the Regional minister and this same AGALGA, then the dep, minister for interior. Hon AGALGA,we sheltered you in nanung where you had your basic education, we did you no wrong. Under the circumstance what we require of you is to support efforts at bringing lasting peace to the area or to stay out of this matter and not to act as though you are the spokesperson for the Dassana family, our knowledge of your connection with them notwithstanding.

We wish as a family to let the general public know and not be deceived by twists in the media, that where the Old man has finally been put to rest is different from where the family intended to bury him during the NDC regime,(that is, his private residence) but which was flatly turned down for no justification.  We are as a family are most grateful to the President and the Npp government for doing what is right in the eyes of God and humanity and our tears have been wiped as a family by this gesture.

Thank you.



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