Ministry Of Roads And Highways Must Expedite Work On The Tetteh Quarshie Interchange


The traffic on the Tetteh Quarshie Interchange for the past two weeks, has been unbearable for motorists, all this is happening, because a pre-fabricated drainage is being installed at one of the intersection on the interchange.

Already, traffic gridlock in most part of the city, is hurting the economy, a figure we are hoping one day, the Statistical Service Department (SSD), will be able to help us with.

We have a high concentration on use of road transportation and increasing presence of vehicles in the city every month.

We need a strategic transport master plan to address the various issues within the sector, if not we will be swallowed one day, when all options, have been left unattended to.

Whatever strategic Transport Master Plan, we are going to have, as has been proposed in the Bus Rapid Transport (BRT), must aim at developing a fully integrated mass rapid transit system to cover the Business District within the capital.

We should strive to make Accra and our major cities, a place where every investor gets their money’s worth.

In order for this to become a reality, the traffic situation, must be well managed, a task which the Ministry of Roads and Highway, must be committed to.

The Ministry, cannot do it alone, for us to accomplish the free flow of traffic in our cities, we all have significant roles to play; both commuters and motorists, must obey traffic regulations, as well as comply with traffic rules.

We must also take a second look at the time of the day, when we put workers on already completed roads, which just need patching.

We must encourage contractors to work deep in the night, when traffic is less, as well as working on Sundays, when the roads are equally free.

No serious country, will put workers on the road in the middle of the week and on a working day, when we know, time is everything.

It cannot possibly take more than two weeks to install pre fabricated drainage, unless the purpose is to punish motorists, in which case whoever is responsible has succeeded.

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