Ministry of Energy Inaugurates Ministerial Advisory Board


The Ministry of Energy, wishes to inform the general public that the Ministry has inaugurated a Ministerial Advisory Board today in Ada.

This is in line with the Civil Service Act 1993 (PNDCL 327) section 39 which stipulates that a Ministerial Advisory Board shall be established in every Ministry.

The functions of the board as stated in Section 40 of the Act are as follows:

  1. To promote constant interaction between the Ministry and the users of its services; and
  2. To advise the Minister on adjustments in policy directions, planning objectives and operational strategies.

In line with this provision, the Ministerial Advisory Board of the Ministry of Energy has been constituted as follows:

Hon. BoakyeAgyarko Energy Minister – Chairman
Hon. Joseph Cudjoe Deputy Energy Minister in charge of finance and infrastructure – Member
Prof. Thomas Akabzaa Chief Director, Ministry of Energy – Member
Dr. K. K. Sarpong CEO, GNPC – Member
Ing. William Amuna CEO, GRIDCo – Member
Mr. TheophilusAhwireng CEO, Petroleum Commission – Member
Mr. KwakuAgyeman- Duah CEO, Association of Oil Marketing Companies – Member
Nana AddoTetedo President, Electrical Contractors Association – Member
Mr. Senyo Hosi CEO, Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors – Member
Mr. Seth Osei-Agyen Director Finance & Admin, Ministry of Energy – Member



King A. Wellington
Communication Officer

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