Ministries Ordered To Install Clocking Systems


The Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations has directed all Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) to install a clocking system at their work places to ensure punctuality and diligence at work.

A press statement issued by the Ministry noted that “ most MDA’s punctuality to work is poor while workers leave the work places for home earlier than the specified time”

It further observed that “some public servants spend greater part of their productive time on activities other than specified public service duties.”

This, according to the Ministry, “ is a major contributor to the low productivity in the public service” and greatly contributes to the “worsening economic challenges” in the country.

The Ministry therefore ordered Chief Directors, Chief Executives, Heads of Departments, and Supervisors to ensure that punctuality and diligence are promoted at work.

“ It is our anticipation that there will be full cooperation by all to improve punctuality and diligence at work places and hence lead to increased productivity in the public sector,”it said.

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