Ministers, MMDCES Others Barred From Using Bolga- Bawku Road.


Baring any last minute changes, all government appointees, will be barred from plying the rocky-like,  master-dusty road linking Bolgatanga, capital of the Upper East Region to Bawku through to Pulmakom.

Angry users of the road, who issued what they say is  their  last ‘warning’ to the government to fix the road, has vowed never to allow any government appointee to ply the road using any luxurious state vehicle. The youth, say they [appointees] could only use the road in public transport known as trotro.

They threatened to construct the road themselves, should the government fail to heed to their call.  A number of youth groups, have organized countless press conferences and demonstrations, asking government to fix the Bolga-Bawku road.

Lives have been lost on the road, owing to it bad nature. Only rickety cars are fit for the road.

“We will Stop all government officials— Regional and Deputy Ministers, MPs from this region, MDCEs, coordinating directors, Regional Highway Director, etc.—from the use of their official vehicles. This would start on January 30, 2019. We believe they are comfortable in those cars and so are not able to communicate to central government how we the road users suffer,” said the group in a statement read at a news conference by the leader, Abunkudugu Asaa Akunai.

The MTTU, would be stopped from checking vehicles for roadworthy certificates in this region, as the roads are not worthy.

President Akufo-Addo, described our roads as a disaster to be driven on. This activity would start from February 5, 2019,” they further vowed.

The statement also declared: “The market centres, tollgates, DVLA offices and CEPS checkpoints within Upper East region would be stopped from generating revenue for the state. This activity would start from February 20, 2019.”

“We the people of Upper East and its environs deserve good and befitting roads. The only vehicle-worthy road in the region is the Trans-West Africa road that enters the region at Pwalugu and exits at Paga. Citizens and residents of the region certainly deserve better. They deserve at least another trunk road,” it added.

With just few days to the first threat of stopping all government appointees from using the road, hubghnews enquired from the “fix the Bolga-Bawku-Pulmakom road now movement” if their demands have been met. “My brother not at all. We are going ahead with the actions we spelled out in our release”.

Government should be prepared. A member of the group told hubghnews.

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