Ministers Happy With Madina’s Astro Turf By Wembley



The Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, Perry Curtis Okudzeto, has assured the youth of the Madina community and its environs that the newly built AstroTurf, is a standard FIFA certified facility that can host an 11 aside game.

Mr Okudzeto, yesterday paid a visit to the facility which has a multipurpose court, 5- aside pitch, basketball court, changing room, public washroom, CCTV camera installation with control rooms and floodlights.

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The Deputy Minister, was in the company of the Minister of Inner City and Zone Development, Mustapha Abdul-Hamid, to assess the level of work which is expected to be completed by the middle of October.

He disclosed that technical personnel’s from his outfit together with that of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) have inspected and approved of it as a certified FIFA standards pitch.

Reacting to concerns by a section of the youth in the community to the effect that the new facility, is not a standard 11-side pitch that can host at least a Second Division game, the Minister noted that in every country there is a structure in terms of the level of facility, |”we have national facility and community facility.”

“This facility here is a standard community park and should been see as such and which qualifies to host any kind of tournament.”

There are football administrators who are clothed with the authority to determine which games are played here and if they have certified that all games can be hosted here, he stated.

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“I would rather they support the vision of both the Ministry of Inner City and Zongo Development initiators of the project and the Ministry of Youth and Sports in making sure that the facilities both outfits are putting in place throughout the country at the end of the day would improve the skills of the budding young talents we have.”

According to him the facility will enhance the capability and our local league, juvenile league as well as the various division and then for export in terms of the number of player the country is able to polish up for the foreign markets.

The project which is constructed by Ghana’s Market Leaders in Artificial football turf Construction and management, Wembley Sports Construction Co. Ltd is the single biggest Artificial Sports Complex with astroturf.  Its among three of such projects in some selected Zongo Communities and is expected to be handed over by middle of October.

On his part Mr Abdul-Hamid, corroborated the deputy Sports Ministers remarks adding that FIFA has minimum and maximum range for every pitch that is certified for competitive matches and that the Madina pitch falls squarely within the FIFA range.

“The FIFA range has a minimum of 45×90m and the maximum is 120×90, the pitch in question is a 92m×62.5m pitch, so it qualifies for every kind of game one wants to play.”

According to him, Ghanaians have allowed politics to destroy the country, “nobody is motivated by the national interest but rather their partisan interest, hence when one wakes up he or she sees a particular project as that of NPP and it would use it to score points.”

“As far as I am concerned this is a government of Ghana project which will outlive the NPP and may outlive a future NDC government, it is a project for generations so the youth should desist from the notion that it is an NPP project and it would bring credit to the former of Inner City and Zongo Development Minister, Boniface Abubakar Saddique, who signed for the project.”

Describing the posture of the youth of the community as a destructive one which can be injurious to the progress of the community, Mustapha Abdul-Hamid noted that the project will go on as planned and they would deal with whoever decides to be lawless and cause destruction to the facility.

“This country is one with laws and we will not allow anybody to subvert the laws of our country and go free for partisan reasons”

He advised the youth of the community who are trying to foment trouble for political gains to rethink again because it is not going to happen, “millions of tax payers’ money has gone into the project and it must be put to use and for the benefit of all.”

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