Mini-Skirt Ban At Hungary University Prompts Female Students To Turn Up In Knickers Only


Students took off their clothes in class in a protest against a new strict dress code at a Hungary university.
They were angered by the new strict rules introduced by the University of Kaposvar’s president.
Even a professor at the arts school took part to protest the code which bans dresses showing too much cleavage and miniskirts.

Some of the students undressed down to their underwear, while other seemed to be naked in a video of the protest posted online by a local news site.
Students said they plan to continue their protest and attend classes in flip-flops and beach towels on Monday.
The new dress code was revealed to students in a letter that detailed when attending classes male students need to wear dark suits and shoes, while women must wear a jacket, blouse and trousers.

‘From October 1, there is also no place in the university for mini-skirts, flip-flops, heavy make-up, inappropriate fashion accessories, or unkempt fingernails and hair,’ the letter continued.

The rector did make an allowance for lighter clothing during warm summer days, prompting some students to make the underwear protest.
‘We were appropriately dressed but the class room was so warm we removed some clothing as is permitted,’ said one student.

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