Military Disrespects Police


Sets Free Three Suspected Thieves Without Notice

By Gifty Arthur

The new Director of Public Affairs for the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF), Lt. Col. Eric Aggrey, has clarified reports that his men at the Ghana Military and Training Academy, caged some three civilians in their guardroom for stealing from a military construction base at Teshie.

But his explanation, has irked some people who argue about lack of teamwork, between the law enforcement institutions in the country.

After series of checks at the Military Academy, Lt. Col. Aggery, explained that the three men were released by the Military Police at Burma Camp, after effort to get the Chinese construction firm whose properties were stolen to officially lodge complainant, proved futile.

Though, Lt. Col. Aggrey, could not tell the exact date the suspects were set free by the officers, after their June 7, 2014 arrest, he intimated that his men had to release them, without involving the Police because primarily there was no complainant.

Lt. Col. Aggery, could also not provide the names and other details of the three suspects.

Asked if that has been the practice, the man, who took over from Col M’bawine Atintande, reiterated that they were not involved because “There was no complainant; there is no complainant that the people have taken something”.

He added that “when they contacted the Chinese firm, they said they were not interested in following the matter and so there was no complainant against the people”.

Attempt to find out when exactly they were allowed to go, he said “That is what I can’t say for sure, because I didn’t ask, but I don’t think they will stay there more than twenty four hours. I don’t know when they were taken to the Military Police; yes so I can’t say that may be they stayed overnight or they did not”.

Meanwhile, The Herald’s informants are of the view that the Military, should have done the most honourable thing by informing the Teshie Police about the development, especially so when an officer of that station was the one who spotted the three stealing the items and reported them to the soldiers leading to their arrests.

The informants, argued that the military did not show respect to the Teshie Police, particularly when the police made efforts to have the alleged thieves in their custody for proper investigations and prosecution. To them, the development exposes the lack of collaboration between the two state institutions.

This paper, on Wednesday, reported that officials at the Ghana Military and Training Academy at Teshie, had detained some three civilians, said to have stolen from one of their installations.

The three men, including a taxi driver, were arrested on June 7, 2014, and are suspected to be languishing in one of the military guardrooms in the Teshie Academy.

A concerned citizen, called this reporter and expressed worry about the development and wished that something was done to ensure that their human rights were not trampled upon.

Narrating the story to “The Herald”, the “Good Samaritan” alleged that between the hours of 4am to 5am on June 7, the suspects were spotted coming from the bush opposite the Teshie Shooting Range adjacent the Ghana Military Academy and Training School by a Police officer, who was taking an early morning jogging in the vicinity.

The Police officer, was said to have noticed an unusual happening as he spotted the suspects coming from the bush with some construction materials into a taxi, which they had packed a distance away from the traffic light in front of the Academy.

The Police officer, who thought that he could not arrest the three all by himself, alerted the soldiers on guard duty; two female and a male commander.

Immediately the officers were informed, an order was issued for the arrest of the alleged thieves.

Items found on them included, two containers of paints, PVC pipes among other things.
A fourth suspect, who was hiding in the bush at the time of their arrest upon sensing danger absconded.

Attempts by the Teshie Police Station to have them released to them, later proved futile with the military officers insisting that they were going to keep them and send them to the station for them to do their investigation and prosecution.

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