Metro Mass Must Be Innovative We Can’t Read Chinese In Ghana Buses


Many state institutions are running at a loss, not because they are not viable, but because the managers, have failed to unleash the full potential in them.

We have branded and rebranded the State Transport Company (STC), with a partial privatization and management contract, all to no avail and if care is not taken the Metro Mass Transit (MMT), will soon follow in the footsteps of state asset, like the defunct Ghana Airways.

In his effort and commitment to improve public transport in the country, the President, John Dramani Mahama, has equipped the MMT, with the state of the art buses that can rival any bus in any part of the world.

The buses are fully air-conditioned and well designed to meet the needs of today’s passengers.

Managers of the company must take advantage of the technology that comes with the buses, to rake in revenue, instead of allowing the opportunities it provides to go to waste.

The electronic digital billboard in the buses that is supposed to screen messages to passengers onboard the buses, is displayed or written in Chinese, many months after the buses were introduced.

Bus companies in other parts of the world are using interior television systems to advertise and this provides regular income for the different players involved in the public transport.

We should not allow the technology provided to go to waste by displaying a language that, we do not understand.

Some companies elsewhere, supply buses free of charge to transport companies, in exchange for advertising right.

We can enhance what is available to benefit us; we need to sustain the MMT, so that it does not also go down the drain, as we did to other state run enterprises.

How many passengers who use the buses understand Chinese, for how long will words written in Chinese keep scrolling in the buses?

We should have ensured the changes were done before the buses came in, but once we did not insist on that, or we did not see the opportunities it presented, nothing stops us from getting the manufacturers to come and change it into either English or our local languages.

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