Methodist University Students In Limbo


No Certificates, One Year After Final Exams

By Alfred K Dogbey

The Methodist University College (MUC), located at Dansoman in Accra, is in the news again for the wrong reason.

This is because, the graduation ceremony of over one thousand 2012/2013 year graduating batch of students, who finished their various degree and diploma courses at the school, are still awaiting their certificates, almost a year after leaving school.

The Herald is informed that the school’s Management, had several times failed to provide a good reason for the delay in holding a graduation ceremony and awarding the students their certificates.

Some of the students, accused the school’s Management of repeatedly postponing the dates for the congregation, anytime it was fixed.

Meanwhile, every tertiary institution across the country, has held its graduation for the 2012/2013 graduating batch of students, but MUC led by its Principal, Most Reverend Professor Samuel K. Adjepong, is struggling to hold theirs.

For instance, the ceremony according to this paper’s information, was initially fixed to be held in November 2013, but was later changed to December 14, which never materialized. In all instances, the students said, they had notified friends and relatives to come witness the ceremony, only for them to be disappointed.

Interestingly, MUC authorities have fixed February 2013, as the month in which the ceremony will take place, ironically no specific day in February, has been mentioned as the day of the congregation.

The expectant students, also argue that end of semester exams for continuing students is just around corner, which means that lecturers will be busy; hence the month of February, will also not be possible.

But credible information gathered by The Herald indicates that the Management of the school, is planning to do a joint congregation by combining 2012/2013 and the 2013/2014 batch, to reduce congregation expenditure.

Another reason mentioned for the delay was that some students have not settled their school fees in full, before leaving the school, whiles others had problems with their grades and semester exams so had to re-sit again.

When the Dean of Students, Mr. Charles Daniel Kwadwo-Opoku alias (CDK Opoku) was contacted, he debunked the claims that the school had intended to conduct joint congregation.

According to CDK-Opoku, there was “a total mixed up” in the results released by the University of Ghana (UG). “in fact you can find somebody who is doing say Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) accounting option, but you will find out courses under this person came IT courses, given this mishap, there was no way we could have held the graduation”.

Mr. Kwadwo-Opoku told The Herald that the only excuse UG Authorities, gave was that they had problem with their system and that information stored in their computers, got corrupted and management has to send “a new set of results altogether” to UG recently.

He said that last week, MUC submitted new sets of result, and “we want to be sure that this time, it is the right thing”, noting that in the case of first results, if management had wanted to continue and hold the graduation without checking it, “we would have graduated people, who instead of accounting and banking option, will find IT courses on their certificates”.

As it stands now, he cannot be sure when the congregation will be taking place “but looking at things, may be it will come off in February” but was quick to add that “this is from me, nobody has told me so”.

The Dean of Students continued that by next week management, would fix a new date and advertisements would be placed in the media to inform the students and the general public, adding “we are even more worried than you [the students]”.

The Students’ Representative Council (SRC) President, Chris Amposah Sackey, also gave his account on the matter.

He said, the delay “is in the interest of the students”, adding the issue “is not only particular to Methodist University College (MUC) alone” but other universities as well.

The SRC President told The Herald that “as I speak with you, management has not even taken decision as to when the congregation is supposed to take place”.
But “anytime soon, the graduation will come on. In fact, it would have been in the next two weeks, but because of the exams that we are going to write in the school, the congregation will disrupt the exams, because from 25th of this month to February 14, we will be writing exams throughout including, Saturdays so it will not be appropriate for the congregation”, he said.

He attributed the delay to the fact that “our school is not an autonomous university” and moreover, those who supervise the school’s examination, always make sure the right thing is done, by cross-checking and verifying all documents before the congregation is finally done.

He explained that MUC is affiliated to the UG, Legon “so normally we have to send all details documents about our students to UG go through it, and check whether everything was correct and accurate without any mistake”.

Mr. Amponsah Sackey, who spoke to The Herald last Saturday, emphasized that until the MUC gain autonomy, it will be difficult to do things on time.

The SRC president, suggested that the situation as not unusual, but has always been the case in the school since its inception, adding there are a lot of impediments, especially between MUC and UG.

He also mentioned incomplete grades of some students, students who did not write their index numbers on the answer sheets during the exams, while others did not write their mid-semester exams, making the processing of their document incomplete, hence the delay.

Despites these, he said that management has been in communication with UG, about the final documents on the students, and until UG officials got back to Methodist University, the management would not fix a new date for the congregation.

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